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Posted May 29, 2014 by

What Do Students Really Want? (Part 1 of 2)

Rob Humphrey, LinkedIn senior marketing manager, kicks off this lunch-and-learn sponsored keynote at the May 5, 2014 College Recruiting Bootcamp.

The College Recruiting Bootcamp was organized by College Recruiter and co-hosted by LinkedIn at its headquarters in Mountain View, California. Over 100 corporate university relations leaders attended and more than 3,000 registered for the livestream. The Bootcamp was designed to help these staffing leaders more efficiently and effectively hire college and university students and recent graduates.

Posted January 24, 2014 by

How Social Media Can and Should Be Used by Employers of College Students, Recent Grads

I had the honor earlier today of keynoting Loyola University’s January Employer Appreciation Breakfast. Unlike most keynote presentations, this one was a Skype video call during which Marty Gahbauer, assistant director for employer relations and recruiting at Loyola , and I discussed how employers can and should use social media sites such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Glassdoor, and others.

Despite a brutally cold day in Chicago, more than 80 employers registered for the event. The conversation that Marty and I had was immediately followed by a panel discussion featuring: (more…)

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Making a Presentation at Your Entry Level Job. Tips to Make Yours Effective

Do you need some help for an upcoming presentation at your entry level job?  If so, the following post offers tips to make your presentation effective.

Wherever you are in your professional career (or schooling), it’s safe to assume you’ve had the pleasure of sitting through a presentation or two. Chances are, these presentations have fallen flat in at least one way or another: too many slides, not engaging, psychedelic concept. Whatever it may have been, the

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How LinkedIn Built Its Internship Program From Scratch

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, and, the leading niche job board for college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities, recently co-hosted a half day, college recruiting conference.

Below is a video recording of the keynote presentation by Tey Scott, Head of Global Campus Recruiting for LinkedIn, at the May 13, 2013 College Recruiting Bootcamp co-hosted by LinkedIn and



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Video Interview in U.K. Immediately After Keynote About U.S. Job Market for College Grads

Graduates Yorkshire logoLast week I had the good fortune to fly over to Leeds, England to keynote their annual Graduate Employment Conference. CEO of Graduates Yorkshire and Gradcore Martin Edmondson asked me to deliver a presentation about the U.S. job market for college and university students and recent graduates. Many of the issues we’re facing are similar to those they’re facing. They’re experiencing some of them before we do and we’re experiencing some before they do.

One issue that I knew was important but didn’t realize just how important it would be to them was the high cost of attending just about any type of post-secondary school. The cost of attending a higher education institution is far higher in the U.S. than it is in almost any other country and FAR higher than it is to attend an equivalent school in the United Kingdom. But their recent implementation of austerity measures threatens to put their schools on a similar path to that which our schools have long been on. Without exception, every attendee and organizer with whom I spoke greatly appreciated my urging that they do not follow our lead as we are making higher education impossible for many and soon, I fear, for most. As bad as that would have been decades ago, it is even worse moving forward as we cannot and should not hope to compete against other nations to see which can manufacture goods at the lowest possible cost. Unless we want our citizenry to again have third world standards of living, we need to ensure they have first world standards of work. And that means that we need a workforce which uses the muscles between their ears more than the muscles on their backs. (more…)