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Posted January 17, 2014 by

7 tips for how to become a leader at work

Smiling businesswoman leading her team

Smiling businesswoman leading her team. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Becoming a leader at work is a very challenging task and it requires sufficient experience and skills to lead a team. If you are working in any organization and you want to become a leader of your staff, here are 7 tips that might help you:

Tip#1: Appreciate your juniors

Appreciate your junior staff members. If you don’t appreciate them, they won’t be in your favor. Surveys have shown that if a senior member understands and appreciates his/her juniors, he/she is more likely to become the leader of that team as compared to the one who doesn’t appreciate the same junior staff at all. You would be chosen and selected as the finest leader if you keep appreciating and encouraging your subordinates. They will eventually consider you as their leader even before you become one. Remember that a leader is not a person who “tells” its juniors; instead a leader is the one who “shows” its juniors how to perform a specific task. (more…)