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Internship Finder, Don’t Forget to Follow Up with Previous Coordinators

As an internship finder, you might think that once this experience is over that it’s not necessary to stay in touch with the person who coordinated your internship.  However, in the following post, find out why it is a good idea to continue communication with any previous internship coordinators.

Featured: Featured If you’ve heard me speak before, you know my rule on staying in touch with professional contacts. You stay in touch with all of your professional contacts, past internship coordinators, past employers, and past co-workers three times per year! At my presentations I dance around the stage screaming this from the

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How can your campus meet the needs of adult and online learners?

CollegeRecruiter.comWith online learning being a common form of education these days, colleges and universities should be concerned with the satisfaction of the online experience for their students.  The following post talks about how to better understand the needs of nontraditional students.

I attended the Sloan-C Conference in Orlando earlier in October—the event to attend on the topic of online learning. I participated in some excellent sessions to learn more about how campuses are serving nontraditional learners.

During a session presented by Dr. Kristen Betts from Armstrong Atlantic State University on “Engaging and Retaining Today’s Diverse Student Population,” she shared the following statistics about the 17.6 million undergrads now enrolled in higher education:


How can your campus meet the needs of adult and online learners?

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Assessing student satisfaction at proprietary schools

CollegeRecruiter.comColleges and universities may want to pay attention to how proprietary schools are doing in education.  The following post examines a report which could influence recruiting and retention strategies in the future.

Career and private schools provide educational opportunities to a growing number of students, often serving diverse populations, including students of color and nontraditional students. In recent years, this higher education sector has been under additional scrutiny by accreditation agencies and the U.S. government. But what do the students enrolled at these colleges think of their experience? What are the priorities on a national level for career school students, and where are the schools meeting or failing to meet these expectations?

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Assessing student satisfaction at proprietary schools

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Understanding the priorities of nontraditional college students

CollegeRecruiter.comAre you a nontraditional college student who has some concerns about your educational experience?  If so, some of them may be included in the following post about the priorities of nontraditional students.

Every year, Noel-Levitz compiles national data on the satisfaction and priorities of nontraditional students, and each year I am struck by how satisfied these students are with their educational experience in general.  However, there are still areas where institutions can improve the quality of the experience for these students.

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Understanding the priorities of nontraditional college students