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Posted August 30, 2006 by

The Entry-Level Computer Science Job Market is Rich With Rewards

No worries. For certain all you computer science majors are headed for a lot of mula in your chosen field. Just look at the article by CNNMoney about “working your degree” and you’ll see the truth for yourself. The sweet, sweet, green, truth, about 80,000 worth (and climbing) makes me wish I were more computer savvy. Take a look at this article because it goes over prospects, and the top employers in the entry-level computer science field. The rewards are plentiful it seems. Next see what the Bureau of Labor Statistics has to say about the computer science job market. It provides an even more detailed description on the specifications of anyone interested in computer science related fields. It’s a part of the Occupational Outlook Handbook on the site and givens you even more assurance that a job in computer science is definitely promising.
Finally, start searching for those lucrative (I know I’m obsessed) jobs. Try,, and even a site called Dice to start you on the entry-level computer science job track (FYI: the Bureau has job search links as well). In the words of CNN, it is a fast growing and changing field and so the job opportunities should not only be abundant but diverse. Start making money!!!! Oh, yea…and doing what you love too.
Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Job Resources: