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Posted October 22, 2006 by

Static and Dying Jobs

My heart breaks each time I read an intern blog about the entry-level job their pursuing. So many are seeking filler positions such as data entry, secretarial, order clerk, postal worker. Yet at the other end of the spectrum, each one talks about the degree they’ve recently earned. What I want to do is have a live session with them to talk about more strategic ways to market their selves, to have more confidence in their abilities and the proper way to demonstrate that confidence, and how to talk about the knowledge and abilities they’ve gained from the edudation they’ve ained so that they may enter the initial stages of their true career path. Alas, at this point in time, I cannot have that live session. But I feel it in my bones. The day is coming.

Until the day that I can have that live session with our interns, I’ll have to write these blogs and post them in strategic places where I believe the interns will read them. And that is why today I’m posting a new blog in this space.