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Posted April 09, 2013 by

The Hype Over Job Board Matching Technology Is Just That: Hype

Garbage in, garbage out photo

Garbage in, garbage out photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Perhaps prompted by a recent article by Bloomberg about on-line job search software getting smarter, it seems that a lot of attention this week is being devoted to matching technology being used by job boards. In theory, matching technology makes a lot of sense as it would allow employers and job seekers to save time finding each other and reduce the noise by reducing and perhaps eliminating contact between employers and job seekers whose needs are different. But is theory the same as reality?

A number of people in the job board industry for whom I have tremendous respect are writing that candidates should be able to just submit their resume and have it turned into a search query. Some even advocate taking the search entirely out of the hands of the candidate by using computerized algorithms to “read” jobs posted by employers and resumes posted by candidates and then returning to the employer a list of what the software considers to be highly qualified candidates. The problem with either approach and especially the latter is that they assume that both are forward looking, the job posting is well written, and the resume is well written. The problem is that for the software to work properly all must be true yet generally none are true. (more…)

Posted January 08, 2013 by

Why Job Boards Should Embrace and Not Fear Mobile

Jeff Dickey-Chasins

Jeff Dickey-Chasins

Jeff Dickey-Chasins a/k/a The Job Board Doctor recently posted an article that reminded me that many job boards are either in denial about the growth in usage of the Internet by those on iPads, cell phones, and other mobile devices or those job boards are fearful about that usage migration.

I agree that job boards largely displaced newspapers as the primary source for job postings and that social media sites such as LinkedIn are trying to displace job boards as the primary source for job postings. I also agree that those social media sites look more and more like job boards and would cite as a further example the Social Recruiting App recently launched to much fanfare (and criticism) on Facebook as well as somewhat similar apps added to Facebook pages by companies such as Jobcast (i.e., Facebook page) and Work4Labs. (more…)