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Beyond text: Communication and Gen Z – Part two: Nailing the interview

College students and recent college graduates—part of Generation Z—often find themselves feeling unprepared for upcoming internship and job interviews. Part 2, Nailing the interview, of this three-part webinar series, Beyond text: Communication and Gen Z, prepares college students and recent college graduates for upcoming interviews by providing them with an understanding of nonverbal and verbal communication skills needed to succeed during the interview process. The webinar offers valuable tips for nailing the interview, practical do’s and don’ts, and anecdotes related to common interview mistakes. (more…)

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Going on Interviews for Jobs for College Students? 6 Ways to Dismiss Yourself as a Candidate

When interviewing for jobs for college students, there are things you can do to hurt your chances of getting hired if you’re not careful.  Learn six ways to dismiss yourself as a candidate in the following post.

Interviewing for a job is a tough, long process. And when you finally develop a rapport with a recruiter only to hear they went a different direction (or even worse, you get the “no call at all” thing), its hard not to get down. How can you avoid this frustrating scenario? Truth is, sometimes you can’t.

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Preparing to Interview for Recent Graduate Jobs? How to Make an Impression in 90 Seconds

When interviewing for recent graduate jobs, keep in mind that what you say and do can make a difference between getting hired or not getting hired.  Learn how to make an impression in 90 seconds from an infographic in the following post.

In a survey of more than two thousand recruiters, one-third reported that they knew – within 90 seconds – whether they were going to hire that candidate, or not. 90 seconds. What are recruiters looking for in that minute-and-a-half? Here are some important data points from an infographic from


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Interviewing for Recent College Graduate Jobs? 5 Mistakes that Won’t Impress an Interviewer

Candidates interviewing for recent college graduate jobs must be careful to avoid five mistakes that won’t impress an interviewer found in the following post.

Sometimes we learn from our mistakes… sometimes we learn from the mistakes of others. You can rise above your job search competition by learning the top 5 job interview mistakes we see them making right now…

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Young Professionals, Do You Show Professionalism on Your Recent Graduate Jobs?

For young professionals on recent graduate jobs and other employees in the workplace, there are certain qualities that define them as a professional.  In the following post, learn what these qualities are and more from an infographic.

The word “professional” gets thrown around a lot. Many believe it has to do with someone’s title, or experience level. Others consider someone to be more or less professional by the way they dress, or by their work ethic. But what does this word really mean? And why is this important to know?

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Job Interview First Impressions – Make It The Best

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

That first impression can be a great beginning, or a quick ending to your interview. Three areas of performance, that should be considered dangerous and deadly:

1. Poor non-verbal communication image

  • Show confidence by believing in yourself and showing it. (head held high – shoulders back)
  • Good eye contact is essential. (Note the color of the interviewer’s eyes.)
  • Connect with a good, firm handshake. (No limp noodles or bone crushers wanted)
  • Posture is a key indicator of confidence. Sit and stand erect. (Slumping = lazy attitude.) (more…)
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6 Worst Interview Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Rosemary Haefner of Careerbuilder

Rosemary Haefner of Careerbuilder

One-in-four workers (25 percent) reported they plan to change jobs in 2013 or 2014. While outrageous actions by candidates in job interviews can result in lost opportunities, so can other behaviors that are seen more frequently. When asked to identify the top detrimental mistakes in job interviews, hiring managers reported: (more…)

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Interview Mistakes to Avoid

CollegeRecruiter.comMaking a good impression in an interview is a big step in landing a new job.  In order for veterans (and other job seekers) to achieve this goal, it is important not to make the mistakes mentioned in the following post.

Interviews are a time of excitement , anticipation, and anxiety for many job seekers. A good interview is the key to a new career. For this reason, it’s not always the most qualified person who gets an offer; it’s frequently the person who has the best interview. Here are some interview mistakes to avoid, so that you can put your best foot forward:

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Interview Mistakes to Avoid

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So You Muffed a Good Opportunity in Your Job Interview? 10 Interview Bloopers and How to Correct Them

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

Carole Martin, The Interview Coach

I’m sure you’ve sat through movie or TV “bloopers” at the end of shows and laughed at the mistakes the actors make during the filming of the show. If I could put together a film with bloopers that people make in interviews it might seem funny as well – but not when it happens in real life – to you!

How do you avoid bloopers? First you become aware of what some of the pitfalls of interviewing are and then you prepare and practice so that it won’t happen to you. Here are 10 of those very pitfalls to watch for. (more…)

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7 Ways to Screw Up a Job Interview

Once you land a job interview, you may feel the hard work is done. You might even allow your enthusiasm to melt your inhibitions during the meeting. Don’t let your excitement rob you of a chance for the job you’ve been waiting for. Arm yourself with these key interview strategies that include practicing restraint as well as excellent preparation.

Here are some things to avoid doing during job interviews. (more…)