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Posted August 01, 2014 by

Are College Students Prepared to Get Jobs in Today’s Workforce?

College students searching for jobs may be hearing that they are not as prepared for employment in today’s workforce.  So, how do some students and employers feel?   The following post includes an infographic about the skills gap with their thoughts.

As shown in this compelling infographic, and General Assembly have new data for those graduates entering the workforce; specifically, the skills employers are demanding as they hand-pick the best of available new talent. After reviewing the data, the question must be asked: Should colleges & universities be doing more to prepare their students for today’s workforce?

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Posted February 04, 2014 by

Internship Finder, Employers Expect to Hire More Interns in 2014

As an internship finder, you can expect employers to hire more interns this year.  In the following post, an infographic shares more information about internships in 2014.

As we say often here at YouTern: internships are now a prerequisite for starting your career right. And it appears the message is getting through… 67% of the class of 2013 completed at least one internship. The good news continues: according to a recent survey by, 56% of those employers surveyed plan to


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