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Posted August 30, 2006 by

Entry-Level Jobs Opportunities in International Relations is a Search Away

A nice resource is provided on the Simmons College Libraries website and has links with information about careers in international relations. Most of the jobs listed are governmental in nature but the links highlight career paths and opportunities for those interested in international relations. There are many internship opportunities as well as fellowships and graduate opportunities that can place you overseas where you can live and work, or even go to school. There are also non-governmental ways to get-your-foot-in-the door at the entry-level in international relations. The three links on that page will keep you busy for some time and give you valuable information as you embark on your next international opportunity.
UC Berkeley also provides a job listing page on the career center website and is pretty extensive and talks about international relation jobs opportunities in a variety of countries. For a site that lists international jobs in general visit Browse a bit around that site and see what entry-level international relations type of jobs you can find. In my opinion the best bet is finding one of those international fellowships or scholarships and taking advantage of either being paid to work there or go to school while abroad. There is not much in life better than that.
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