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Posted May 13, 2008 by

Seeing The World While Working

As a college student, you are likely young, inclined towards new experiences and willing to learn. If you are also fond of seeing new places and meeting new people, the opportunities found in international internships are something you should really take the time to look into.
International internships offer the chance to see the world while working at a job, usually of a humanitarian type but not always, and meeting new people. These international internship opportunities are available in a wide range of locations and pay scales. Some international internships are unpaid, though they usually provide room and board, while others are paid internships that provide a small amount of financial recompense for the work you deliver. The humanitarian internships provide a great way to help others and find the better parts of humanity within yourself which can be a very enlightening and moving experience. Both paid and unpaid internships offer a great way to have new cultural experiences, meet new people and see places you might have, otherwise, never even heard of, often on someone else’s expense account.
In addition to the benefits provided by travel and social experiences, the international internship provides further benefits that can be of great assistance to you when you return from your tour and start looking for entry level jobs closer to home. These benefits are the valuable work experience and hands on training you will receive during your internship experience as well as the network you will be developing. Working side by side with other interns like yourself as well as those who have offered the opportunity, you have the occasion to make new friends and acquaintances with the people who will be leading the corporate world. This network of friends may prove very valuable in future job seeking activities.