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Posted April 14, 2014 by

Haven’t Found Jobs for Recent College Graduates Yet? 9 Ways to Advance Your Career by Volunteering

While many soon to be college graduates may not have found jobs for recent college graduates, that doesn’t mean they cannot get some worthwhile experience in the mean time.  The following post shares nine ways to advance your career by volunteering.

Volunteering is a mutually beneficial opportunity; a chance to help the greater good, while providing you with great self-reward. What you might not know is that volunteering is well worth your time and effort in order to advance in your career, or transition into a new one. Consider the reasons why

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Posted April 06, 2012 by

More High School Students Choosing to Volunteer Abroad

Before high school students go to college or choose another path in the real world, many are volunteering their time as part of an international experience.


Projects Abroad, which recruits thousands of volunteers worldwide to volunteer in developing countries, reports that increasing numbers of high school students are choosing to volunteer abroad this summer. The leading international volunteer organization is expecting almost 1,000 students to take part this summer in their 2-Week High School Specials, which are structured programs for high school students. (more…)

Posted January 06, 2012 by

Study Abroad Leadership Program Offers Students a Distinction to Help them Compete

College students, are you looking to become leaders of and have success in the global economy?

A college degree is getting more complex and critical than ever before. Gone are the days when just having a degree was the ticket.  A young student today needs to look ahead to what makes them standout candidates to potential employers. Places of higher learning such as the Swiss School of Management (SSM) , European University of Rome (Università Europea di Roma), are leading the trend in making study abroad leadership programs for students a viable option. (more…)