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Posted August 05, 2014 by

Interviewing for Jobs, Recent Graduate? How to Dress for Success

If you’re a recent graduate who is interviewing for various jobs, be sure to make a great first impression with your appearance.  The following post includes an infographic, which provides assistance on how to dress for success.

Featured: Featured Our Campus Programs Manager Shayna loves infographics, so when our friends at sent this over, she knew we had to share it! They created a great guide to interview dress codes, across both traditional and creative industries. I love that it’s a really visual way to understand one of the trickier situations to

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Posted July 07, 2014 by

Trying to Find an Internship? When to Include an Objective on Your Resume

For anyone trying to find an internship, it may or may not be wise to include an objective on your resume depending on the situation.  Learn more in the following post.

Featured: Featured It’s hard to even think about fall internships – as we just started summer internships – but with the start of July comes the start of the search for the perfect fall internship. I got a note from a reader last night asking me when to include and when not to include an objective on her resume

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Posted March 06, 2014 by

On to the Next One. 5 Ways an Internship Finder Can Secure Another Position

Are you an internship finder looking to land another position?  If so, learn five ways to do so in the following post.

Featured: Featured So you’re smack in the middle of your spring internship. If you haven’t secured a summer internship yet, you should get that process started! It doesn’t have to be a huge chore. In fact, Kailee Smith — our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador at UCF (my alma mater!) — recently wrote


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Posted December 19, 2013 by

Interviewing by Phone for Recent Graduate Jobs? 6 Tips for Success

Do you have phone interviews coming up for recent graduate jobs?  If so, make sure you’re prepared by following six tips in the following post.

Featured: Featured This is a guest post written by Intern Queen fall intern, Allison Goldstein. Let’s state the obvious: a phone interview can be a fairly frightening experience. More likely that not, you’ll spend your final moments before the call pacing around the room, praying, mumbling encouraging words to yourself

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Posted December 03, 2013 by

Sending Resumes for Recent College Graduate Jobs? 2 Quick Tips to Remember

When sending in your resumes for recent college graduate jobs, keep two tips in mind from the following post that can give them a better chance to be read.

Featured: Featured Hello everyone – I wanted to write up some quick tips on sending your resume to potential employers. I’ve noticed a few students making some mistakes this week so I want to make sure I clarify some things. read more


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Posted October 22, 2013 by

Want to be an Internship Finder? How to Get Started

You have probably heard that one way to gain some real work experience is by getting an internship.  So, how do you become an internship finder? The following post has some tips to get you started.

Featured: Featured You really want to intern but you don’t know where to start. I get it. And I can help. Here are three steps you can take today to start the internship process. read more

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Posted September 17, 2013 by

Internship Finder, 4 Myths You Might Hear About

As an intern, you may hear a variety of things about internships.  However, that doesn’t mean everything you hear is true.  In the following post, learn four myths you may come across as an internship finder.

Featured: Featured I was listening to an interview I did with the Washington Post TV about internships. Check it out HERE. While I was listening, I came up with these 4 myths about internships. Enjoy! 1. The goal of the internship is to land a job at THAT company. The goal of the internship is the experience. The goal

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Posted July 23, 2013 by

Working Hard on Your Entry Level Job? How to Create Work/Life Balance

As much as none of us may want to admit it, we are not superhumans.  So, while working hard is part of your entry level job, don’t forget to take care of yourself.  The following post has tips on creating work/life balance.

Featured: Featured I get it — you just graduated and work has taken over your life. We’ve all been there. In fact, that’s what my second book (Welcome to The Real World/Harper Business 2014) is all about. As I write my second book, I’ve been conducting interviews with some of my former Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors. I

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Stop Working 24/7! Tips to balance your life

Posted July 23, 2013 by

Which Internship Offer Should You Choose as an Entry Level Job?

If you have applied for multiple internships and received more than one offer, how do you decide which one to choose as an entry level job?  The following post shares some tips to consider.

Featured: Featured I get it. You applied for a ton of internships (because I told you to apply for at least 10 per semester) and out of all of the opportunities — the one of the bottom of your list wrote you back immediately. They are interested! They want to set up an interview! You

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I Accepted An Offer And Then A Better One Came Along….

Posted July 05, 2013 by

Jobs for College Students – Don’t Stress Too Much During Your Internship

Have you just started an internship and already feel full of stress?  If you’re someone with one of these jobs for college students, the following post has tips to help you keep the right perspective.

Featured: Featured I know a lot of you have been emailing and calling me about your internships. It has been a week and you are already stressed out! You aren’t sure if the department likes you, cares about you or wants to help you succeed and grow. I tell most of you the same thing:


Getting Antsy at Your Internship?