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Posted June 13, 2012 by

College Students and Recent Grads Concerned about Finances and more After Graduation

Those who don’t think that college students and recent graduates are concerned about their futures, think again.

According to a national survey sponsored by eHealthInsurance (NASDAQ: EHTH), this year’s college graduates are not likely to earn anywhere near as much as they think they need in order to be financially secure, and their expectations for getting employer-sponsored health insurance are unrealistic.

The survey, conducted in April 2012 by Kelton Research, found that this year’s college graduates may be in for a harsh reality check when they enter the job market. According to the survey:

  • Today’s college students estimate that they will need to earn an average salary of $81,600 per year after graduation in order to feel financially secure; however, former college students who had graduated in the past three years said that their first job out of college paid only $21,900 per year on average
  • More than eight-in-ten college students (82%) believe their first job out of college is likely to provide them with health insurance; however, nearly six-in-ten recent grads (59%) say that their first job out of college did not provide them with health insurance (more…)