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Landed an Entry Level Job, but Dealing with Federal Student Loan Debt? Tips to Handle the Burden

Are you stressing out about how to pay back all of those federal student loans?  If so, relax and look on the bright side, at least you have landed an entry level job to begin paying off this debt.  The following post has tips to help college graduates deal with their federal student loans.

Each year, millions of students walk out of the classroom, get a job and realize there’s no earthly way they can make their student loan payments and cover the rent. A quick call to the student loan servicer results in a forbearance. But forbearance means your balance will keep going up while you get a breather. Once that ends

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Tips for Minimizing the Pain of Federal Student Loans

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Which Student Loan Repayment Plan Should You Choose?

CollegeRecruiter.comWhat is the best plan for you to pay back your student loans?  Check out the following post to learn more about various payment options.

Student loan repayment season is nearing, and recent college graduates may be trying to understand the different types of repayment plans, and which ones may be best for them.  Let’s explore what repayment plans exist for federal student loans, and how they differ.

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Which Student Loan Repayment Plan Should You Choose?