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Posted December 16, 2013 by

Starting with Entry Level Jobs, Learn How to Achieve Career Success from Jay Z

Young professionals with entry level jobs should take their positions seriously if they want to achieve career success.  Get some advice from Jay Z on how to obtain a successful career in the following post.

An ambitious kid from Brooklyn’s rugged Marcy Housing Projects, Sean “Jay Z” Carter has grown to become a most successful entrepreneurs. Today, Jay Z’s net worth totals about $500 million. So, what’s the secret behind his consistent success rooted from humble beginnings? We researched numerous interviews and biographies to pinpoint the

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Posted December 03, 2013 by

Shy About Networking for an Entry Level Job? Hustling for Your Career

While “hustling” may sound negative to some people, in the workforce it is actually a good thing, say if you’re looking for an entry level job.  In the following post, learn more about hustling for your career.

Everyday I’m, everyday I’m, everyday I’m hustlin’ Ev-ev-ev-everyday I’m hustlin’ Everyday I’m hustlin’ Ev-ev-ev-everyday I’m hustlin’ Ev-ev-everyday I’m, everyday I’m, everyday I’m hustlin’ Everyday I’m hustlin’ hustlin’ hustlin’ hust-hustlin’ -Rick Ross I’ve never thought of myself much as a hustler. I’ve always

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