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Posted January 05, 2010 by

How to Become a Personal Assistant

if you’re wondering how to become a personal assistant, there are several things you can do to further your path to a future career.
While most employers don’t require you to obtain a specific certification to become a personal assistant, there are some training courses you can take – such as those offered by ProAssisting – that will better prepare you for the position.
In the long run, however, it seems that who you know and the right timing are the key factors in securing a personal assistant opening. In addition, there are several essential skills you can include on your resume to make you a good candidate.
Here are six steps, as compiled by, to becoming a personal assistant:

  1. Know how to save your employer time – It’s a personal assistant’s job to help a busy employer complete their daily tasks, streamline communication and prioritize important responsibilities. Therefore, you should be able to save your employer time by combining obligations into an achievable target.
  2. Have the necessary skills to do the job – You should have current computer skills, good telephone manner, excellent communication style, great problem-solving ability, the ability to manage time effectively and the focus stay organized.
  3. Be efficient in written and oral communication – This is important, because you will be responsible for writing letters, accepting invitations, politely rejecting unsolicited social or business proposals, creating speeches and reports, making agendas and sending reminders for meeting dates.
  4. Network – Personal assistants are often hired because of who they know, so it’s important to establish and maintain a network of people important to your industry. Your network can help you stay on top of business trends, take-overs, new entrepreneurs and competitors. Knowing where to find the services important to your employer also is important.
  5. Be personable – Your employer will be looking for someone they can get along with, so it helps to be observing, charismatic and ambitious, as well as to take initiative.
  6. Be proficient in a foreign language – While this isn’t a necessity, it can help you stand out from other applicants. As personal assistants are often asked to travel with their employers, knowing another language can be a huge asset and advantage.

Once you feel comfortable with the skills you’ve obtained, your network and your attitude, you can start applying and interviewing for personal assistant jobs.