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Posted January 03, 2014 by

Hotels: A Great Place to Work

Two executives at hotel desk; one taking a phone call

Two executives at hotel desk; one taking a phone call. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Working in the hotel industry provides the job seeker with a more interesting and relaxed career path as compared to other industries. Customers at hotels or resorts are much more enjoyable and relaxed and dealing with them is much easier. There, people come to relax and to remove the stress from their daily lives, hence, they tend to be laid back.

Not only are the customers friendlier, but the environment itself is. Since the customers are there to relax and enjoy themselves, the décor and the facilities of the hotel are geared towards creating an environment which is conducive to relaxation and enjoyment. While the décor is primarily aimed at the customer, it also makes it a very relaxing place to work at, in contrast to the cramped cubicles of other work environments. (more…)

Posted October 24, 2013 by

Career as a Hotel Manager

Rashmi Karan

Rashmi Karan

The article discusses about the career profile of a hotel manager or supervisor in detail. Read on to explore!

The hotel manager or supervisor at a hotel has a busy and emotionally demanding job that requires a continuous state of alert and has to be prepared for the worst. The hotel manager is responsible to ensure that the hotel runs efficiently and effectively in the absence of the higher ranked managers such as the General Manager.

The job duties of a hotel manager or a hotel supervisor largely vary on the size of the hotel and the total number of employees or sections. Among the main tasks of the hotel manager is the smooth functioning of the operations at the front desk, looking after the check in and out of the guests, and assigning them the appropriate rooms according to their choices. The hotel manager also has its role in resolving any issues or problems, make reservations, and monitor the cash flow of the front desk. (more…)