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Posted December 14, 2011 by

Ready for a High-Paying Hospitality Career? Consider These Resume Adjustments

The hospitality industry offers a large number of amazing employment opportunities, largely due to its vast array of career options. Whether you’re looking to become an executive chef or casino general manager, you could easily boost your income into the six-figure range. But doing so will require making some adjustments to your resume. (more…)

Posted September 30, 2011 by

Is Your Hospitality Resume Too Broad?

As a proud member of the hospitality field, you know that there is a wide variety of industries that you can dabble in and find success. Whether your focus is hotel/casino, restaurant, food service, timeshare, travel, or attractions, you have your choice of a multitude of great careers to prosper in.

Many people in hospitality select one industry to study then follow it their entire career. But what if you’ve taken an interest in more than one industry and are open to applying for jobs in two or more? How do you create a resume that reflects your skill sets? Does focusing on more than one make your resume too broad? (more…)