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Posted December 23, 2014 by

Searching for Seasonal Employment? 5 Tips to Help You Find a Job

Santa's assistant taking orders from children from mail

Santa’s assistant taking orders from children from mail. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

With the holiday season moving right along, some people may be out in the job market trying to find seasonal employment.  This is a smart time to focus on your job search since this is usually a busy time of year for shopping.  As consumers demand more goods and services, employers will need more workers to meet the needs of customers.  This leads to more hiring, which can benefit seasonal employees in a couple of different ways.  First, it gives them a chance to earn some extra money for the holidays and second, it allows them to gain new skills and work experience for their resumes.  If workers do a great job, then maybe they will be asked to stay with a company long-term.  Check out five tips that can help you find a seasonal job. (more…)

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Why the Holidays Are a Smart Time to Search for Jobs

Modern Santa Claus. Cheerful Santa Claus working on laptop and smiling while sitting at his chair with fireplace and Christmas Tree in the background

Modern Santa Claus. Cheerful Santa Claus working on laptop and smiling while sitting at his chair with fireplace and Christmas Tree in the background. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Job hunting can be stressful during the holiday season. Between parties, family gatherings and other personal commitments, it’s hard to stay focused on finding a job. If you’re like many job seekers, you’ve probably put your search on hold until after the New Year. After all, employers aren’t hiring during the holiday season, right? Wrong.

The holiday season is actually a smart time to search for a job. In fact, more than two-thirds of employers have more openings available during the months of November and December.

Here are a few more reasons why you should continue job searching during the holidays: (more…)

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Are You Changing Jobs Constantly? How to Improve Your Chances of Finding a New Position

If you are someone who has changed jobs multiple times, then you have probably heard that doing so makes potential employers skeptical about hiring you for employment.  While that is a fair point from an employer’s prospective, it does not mean that a job seeker can’t get another position.  In fairness, you may have had personal and/or professional reasons for leaving one job and searching for another one.  Now, though, because you have been a job hopper, you must prove to a potential employer that you are the best candidate for a job opening.  Here are some things to keep in mind for your job search. (more…)

Posted December 30, 2013 by

Taking Time Off from Searching for Recent Graduate Jobs Over the Holiday Season? Think Again

Even though it might seem okay to take a break from searching for recent graduate jobs during the holiday season, you could miss out on an opportunity to get ahead of the competition.  Learn more in the following post.

I’ve been hearing from job seekers who are taking take time off from their job search during the holidays. Taking time off from a job search? Now? Hey. I get it! I’m very much a family kind of guy. And I love the holidays as much as anyone. But I’m also a realist who has more than a


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Unforgettable Gifts For Your New College Kid

A green gift box with a red bow and ribbon

A green gift box with a red bow and ribbon. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

While your son or daughter may only have been off to college since the fall, their ideas and experiences are already being shaped by a whole new world of people and ideas. Indulge them in their new interests with these outside-the-box holiday gifts: (more…)

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Need Some Work Experience as You Look for Recent Graduate Jobs? Try Top Seasonal Jobs for 2013

While looking for recent graduate jobs, think about getting some extra cash and a little work experience on the side this holiday season.  The following post features some top seasonal jobs in 2013.

Job searchers, freelancers, the underemployed, the gainfully employed — sometimes it seems like everyone could use extra cash during the holiday season. The team at CareerCast, a leading career resource and job database, has issued its annual Best Seasonal Jobs report, highlighting the top temporary positions available this time of year. The 2013 list


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45,000 Employees to be Hired for Seasonal Jobs

Young woman holding a red and white sign about hiring

Young woman holding a red and white sign about hiring. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, many people are likely to be searching for seasonal jobs.  If you’re one of them, the following post has an opportunity for you.

Toys“R”Us® recently announced plans to hire 45,000 employees to staff its stores and distribution centers nationwide as the company ramps up to meet the needs of gift-givers across all of its shopping channels this holiday season. This seasonal number is on par with hiring plans from last year. With traffic in Toys“R”Us stores and on its e-commerce site peaking in the weeks leading up to Christmas, the company’s expanded holiday workforce plays a key role in delivering exceptional customer service and providing memorable shopping experiences. (more…)

Posted November 27, 2012 by

7 Ways to Take Time Off Without Losing Your Mind

Dawn Dugan

Dawn Dugan, contributing writer

The holiday season is filled with stress. Family gatherings, crowded shopping malls and 24/7 Christmas music on the radio are just the tip of the iceberg. But the one thing that should combat this stress — lots of time off from work between Thanksgiving and Christmas — has the potential to be even more stressful than being at the office.

It’s no secret the economy hasn’t been stellar the last few years. That has led to many layoffs, which has resulted in surviving employees wearing many more hats and doing jobs that didn’t used to be theirs. That’s why a week off is nice in theory, but in reality it often means you spend the week(s) before your vacation cramming in two weeks of work.

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Posted December 16, 2011 by

Will the 2011 holiday shopping season bankrupt retailers?

 There’s a new brand of holiday shopper.

This person spends less, shops online, and requires more convincing than ever. With fallout from the recession and growing reliance on the Internet, the 2011 holiday shopping season will be a key litmus test for retailers.  Will they dodge the bullet and report healthy profits in 2012? (more…)

Posted December 07, 2011 by

Holiday Season is the Perfect Time for Networking

If you have your sights set on a new and better job for 2012, then don’t waste your holidays not pursuing this goal. Hiring slows down during December but it’s the best time of year for you take advantage of your opportunities to network. (more…)