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Posted October 05, 2011 by

More Colleges Checking Out Applicants on their Facebook Pages

College hopefuls, beware what you include on your social networking page(s)!

According to Kaplan Test Prep’s 2011 survey of college admissions officers*, nearly a quarter (24%) of respondents from the schools surveyed have gone to an applicant’s Facebook or other social networking page to learn more about them, while 20% have Googled them.  When Kaplan first began tracking the issue in 2008, only 10% of schools reported checking applicants’ social networking pages.  In fact, survey responses indicate the prevalence of social media vetting is likely higher, since several respondents noted that while they had not personally visited an applicant’s page, other colleagues in their office had. (more…)

Posted September 28, 2011 by

National SAT Scores Decline While Survey Shows Colleges Confident in Exam

Are you confident that your SAT or ACT score will reflect your potential as a college student?  Apparently, most colleges do.

As a recent report from the College Board shows SAT scores are declining among college-bound high school students, Kaplan Test Prep’s 2011 survey of college admissions officers* reports that 94% of college admissions officers are confident in the exam’s ability to measure students’ future success in college.  96% of admissions officers expressed confidence in the ACT’s ability to measure students’ future success in college, although national ACT scores, which were released last month, stayed essentially flat. (more…)