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Interested in Entry Level Jobs in Healthcare? Some Options to Consider

If you are searching for entry level jobs in healthcare, the following post has some positions you may want to consider.

To help get your foot in the door, you should strongly consider getting an entry level healthcare job. Why? To get an edge on the competition for schools your applying to. To get an idea of what it’s like working with patients…

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Most Popular Jobs Vol 1 – Targeted Search for Healthcare Jobs

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” – Mark Twain

Career AlleyTargeted job search posts are always in the top 10 on my site and my posts on targeted Healthcare jobs are near the top of the list. The good news is that health care jobs are increasing at a rate of approximately 23,000 jobs per month (according to the Washington Post). That is more than 300,000 jobs per year! So if Health Care is your field (or you are considering it), you are in luck. If you are considering changing careers, healthcare should be on your list to consider.

There are a number of targeted resource types you should leverage, what I call “The Four Legs of Job Search“. For this post – Health Care recruiters, Health Care job search sites, specific health care companies and industry sites. Best to spread your time across these resources rather than focus on any one type. (more…)

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9 Jobs Expected to Increase in Demand

Are you interested in jobs with growth potential?  Depending on your interest(s), there are opportunities to find employment, according to new information from  If you are a college student or recent graduate, this could mean more entry level jobs; for job seekers as a whole, there are potentially more positions to compete for.  In addition, these jobs may provide job security.

Here are nine jobs and their expected growth from 2010 to 2020, as forecasted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: (more…)

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Hot Jobs in Health Care

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that health care is expected to generate more new jobs than any other industry over the next several years.

As Baby Boomers age there will be a need for more home health care services, residential care facilities and nurses to staff them. Medical group practices and integrated health systems are predicted to become larger and more complex, resulting in an increased need for office and administrative support workers. (more…)

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Ohio Healthcare Jobs

If you’re searching for a job right now, you’ve probably heard a lot about healthcare. If you are looking for your first job or are starting out on a new career path, you should know there are a lot of options in that industry. Particularly if you live in the Midwest, Ohio healthcare jobs are plentiful.
The healthcare industry is one of the few that is often considered to be recession-proof, which explains its popularity as of late. Most places throughout the country are always looking for medical workers, and Ohio is no exception to that rule.
In May alone, Ohio’s education and health services industry employed 831,000 workers, according to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is up from 822,600 workers during May and a 2 percent increase from last year.
So where should you start looking? The Cleveland area in particular is well-known for its strong and innovative healthcare industry. According to the City of Cleveland, hospitals and related healthcare facilities are among the largest employers in northeast Ohio, with Healthcare jobs employing more than 70,000 workers and paying more than $3.6 billion in wages and benefits.
The city projects that 26.7 percent of job growth in the region during the next 10 years will be in healthcare occupations. Some of the area’s most notable healthcare facilities include The Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth System and University Hospitals.
Hospitals in Columbus include Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Doctors Hospital West, Grant Medical Center, Mt. Carmel, The Ohio State University Medical Center and Riverside Methodist Hospital.
In Cincinnati, hospitals include Bethesda North Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Christ Hospital, Deaconess Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Mercy Hospital and University Hospital.
If you don’t want to work at a hospital, you can always opt to check out what jobs are available at other healthcare facilities, such as private practitioners, state facilities or nursing homes.

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Healthcare Job Market Gets Clean Bill of Health

With a variety of factors causing the future of the national economy to be uncertain, many individuals are concerned about job security. Industries such as construction and finance have been greatly effected by the housing market slump.
Airlines and automobile manufacturers are decreasing their staff numbers to make up for what they are losing as gas prices rise. The retail industry takes a hit every time wary consumers spend a little less in order to save a little more just in case problems are on the horizon. Despite all these issues, healthcare jobs remain relatively secure.


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Nursing Jobs in California

Apparently having a healthcare job in California really pays off. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, one city nurse in the Bay area made as much as $350,000 last year after overtime and bonuses. In area’s where the population is growing the demand for nurses and other jobs in healthcare is also rising. This means that the potential for higher paychecks is also increasing.
According to one website,, newly graduating nurses in California are currently making between $40 and $46 an hour, depending on which city they work in. The highest starting salaries in the state were around $83,000 a year with signing bonuses being advertised as high as $10,000. As education and experience rises so does the possibly of greater pay, but on average, a nurse practitioner in California makes somewhere over $89,000 a year. In many cases employers will assist or reimburse those with jobs in healthcare for the expenses of extra certifications and training.


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A Cure For Your Entry-Level Healthcare Job Ill

What makes you more marketable in the healthcare field is the development of necessary skills before the start of the job search. Surprisingly, you don’t have to get these skills in the healthcare field. There are a variety of related occupations that work just as well at training students interested in entry-level healthcare job opportunities. Sites (like Monster) recommend looking at some of the less obvious choices, such as a camp counselor, as you begin building up your repertoire of skilled experience. Be creative and broad as you look for opportunities. Make the jobs that you do take, gems for your resume.
A useful site to start looking for those entry-level healthcare jobs is as it is specifically tailored to students and provides useful tools such as resume posting, salary wizard and even a loan consolidation service. What is also quite interesting is that you can search for entry-level healthcare jobs in countries across the globe! How incredible would it be to get trained to do what you love in a truly amazing place? This is definitely on the ‚Äúopportunity of a lifetime‚Äù list–you must agree!
Of course there is, which is all about (you guessed it) healthcare jobs, loaded with all sorts of healthcare odds and ends and links galore! Also visit some of the sites provided below if you can’t find an entry-level healthcare job using the other tools, but you will. So have fun, learn new things and find that entry-level healthcare job!!
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