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Posted November 25, 2013 by

Young Professionals, Don’t Feel Like Your Entry Level Jobs Are Worth the Time? 3 Steps to Help You Make It

Young professionals who are not happy with their entry level jobs could easily quit them, or find out why they’re unhappy with them.  The following post shares three steps to help these workers make it on their current jobs.

You open your eyes, remember it’s a weekday and feel a crushing weight come down on your chest as you think, “I really don’t want to go to work again. What am I going to do?!” We’ve all been there, dreading the moment when we have to get

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Posted March 25, 2013 by

Don’t Quit Your Job Just Because You Want To

While you may want to just walk away from your current job, that may not be the best idea at the moment.  The following post has some things you should think about before quitting your job.

Are you fed up with your job? Dreaming of quitting? I’ve been there. I quit my first full-time job two short months after my start date. I’m pretty sure my parents felt this the way one would feel an impending apocalypse. I quit because I didn’t like the job. I was bored. There weren’t any windows. I

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Don’t Quit Your Job Just Because You Want To

Posted November 21, 2012 by

Employment Elsewhere: Signs You Need A New Job

CollegeRecruiter.comSometimes no matter how hard you try, a particular job just doesn’t work out.  In the following post, learn the factors that point to the need to find a new job.

The following is a guest post by Shelley Davenport. The common, misguided concept about employment is that it isn’t meant to be enjoyed. You show up, do your job, go home, and hopefully at the end of the week have a nice chunk of change to show for it. Being able to find a job where you are paid

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Employment Elsewhere: Signs You Need A New Job