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Posted November 12, 2013 by

How Facebook Can Benefit Your Entry Level Job Search

Most people probably think about LinkedIn first when it comes to establishing their professional careers.  The following post, though, suggests how Facebook can benefit entry level job seekers as well.

Here’s a quick quiz. I’ll give you three clues, you name the social network. Ready? 1.Your profile includes your headshot, skills and work experience and has space for a compelling, career-oriented bio. 2. Organizations are active on this network and have their own pages where they send updates and post jobs. 3. With more than

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Posted September 24, 2013 by

4 Ways Entry Level Job Seekers Can Use Facebook’s Graph Search to Enhance Their Job Search

For entry level job seekers on Facebook, there is a feature that could enhance their chances of finding employment.  The following post shares four ways to use the social media site’s Graph Search in their job search.

From the beginning of social media time, you’ve kept your professional persona and your personal profiles separate. While your LinkedIn profile is highlighted in your resume, email signature, networking cards and anywhere else you can put a hyperlink, your Facebook page is locked away under privacy settings Fort Knox would consider

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