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Posted September 05, 2013 by

Getting a government job: Is it worth it?

Bureaucrat or government official holding a file

Bureaucrat or government official holding a file. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Getting a government job is not the easiest of task. With so much of competition and limited vacancies, everyone is looking eye to eye to get that much coveted government job. But is it totally worth the efforts? Let us examine.

Many of us have aspired to become a government officer while growing up. Although not the most glamorous of jobs, these are certainly the most sought after. Students spend years of their life, even after graduating, preparing for the various public sector exams. Some are so obsessed with these jobs that they do not give up until either they succeed or exhaust all of their attempts.  But is this obsession justified or is it just a false sense of pride that makes people blind to other equally bright career opportunities in favour of government sector employment options? To know this we must understand the benefits that a public sector job provides and compare that with the various shortcomings associated with such jobs. (more…)

Posted November 11, 2011 by

Where the Jobs Are: Phoenix and Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah is a better bet for job hunters than Phoenix, Arizona, according to Going Global’s new reports “Where the Jobs Are: Phoenix and Salt Lake City”. While Salt Lake City has been fairly insulated from the global economic downturn, Phoenix, which was heavily reliant on the construction industry, has seen its unemployment rate more than double since the recession began.

“Utah’s steady economy through the national recession has made it the envy of the nation,” says Mary Anne Thompson, founder of Going Global. “Salt Lake City boasts one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates and at least eight major industries fuel the local economy.” (more…)

Posted October 18, 2011 by

Federal Agencies Cutting Jobs — Even Military, Intelligence Aren’t Safe

Not even the nation’s ranks of spies will be safe from federal budget cuts, according to a recent article at   Major cuts to the intelligence community’s $80 billion annual budget could result in widespread job cuts across the various spy agencies.   With a mandate to cut federal spending by $2.1 trillion over the next decade, every government agency is at risk of job cutting, including the military.

Over the past two months, multiple military branches have announced personnel reductions totaling more than 67,000.  Meanwhile, the United States Postal Service, which is facing financial insolvency resulting from significant declines in mail volume and retiree health benefit prefunding costs imposed by Congress, has proposed a plan that would cut its workforce by 220,000 between now and 2015 (100,000 of which would come from attrition). (more…)