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Posted September 04, 2014 by

Recent College Graduates, The Benefits of Getting to Know These Office Assistants on Your Jobs

For recent college graduates with jobs, there are benefits of getting to know these office assistants.  Find out who they are and why you should network with them in the following post.

High-performing professionals know their careers will be defined by the relationships they build. You go to lunches, have a drink at happy hour and meet for coffee. Maybe you’ve even tried an online networking event. These are all great ways to build your professional network. But you may be overlooking one important and powerful person. It’s surprising

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Posted August 27, 2014 by

8 Effective Ways To Handle Failure At Work!

Young, female office worker suffering from headache or stress

Young, female office worker suffering from headache or stress. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Who hasn’t heard ‘I want this done today!’ from their employer at least once in a day, or at least a lifetime? There is not a single employee who does not feel under pressure with the tight deadlines, hectic work schedules, low salaries or no work-bonuses etc. Be it a fresh graduate or an experienced employee, facing failures at the workplace is normal. But what matters the most is the ability to deal with the stress in the most civilised manner.

Take a look at the following ways to deal with criticisms and failures at workplace without going insane: (more…)

Posted March 25, 2014 by

Why Have They Asked me That

Group of managers interviewing female job candidate

Group of managers interviewing female job candidate. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

It’s a question we’ve all pondered during the middle of an interview: why on Earth have they asked me that? It could be that the question is a left-field piece of oddness, such as “why are manhole covers round” or “what would you do if you were trapped in a gigantic blender?” It could be that it’s simply one of those questions every interviewer asks, and you’re still unsure as to what it actually means. Well, rest assured it does mean something; and your answers can reveal a lot about you.

What an employer wants to know varies from question to question, but the goal is always the same: they want you to drop little hints about your personality or past that might otherwise be hidden. Little hints that will allow them to build a picture of you as a worker and person, beyond what you might be willing to tell them. Here’s how: (more…)

Posted March 17, 2014 by

Internship Finder, Here are Do’s and Don’ts to Make a Good First Impression

As an internship finder, getting off to the right start will not only make you feel good but also those around you.  In the following post are some do’s and don’ts to make a good first impression in your internship.

You’ve landed the internship of your dreams, or the one you need to complete the degree you’ve financed through student loans. This is the last opportunity for real-world work experience before entering the real world of work. The internship, paid or unpaid, can catapult you into a rewarding career or torpedo

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Posted March 03, 2014 by

Are These 5 Challenging Workplace Personalities on Your Entry Level Job?

On your entry level job, you might encounter a variety of personalities that can be hard to deal with.  In the following post, learn five of these personalities and how to get along with them.

This is a guest post by Judith Orloff . The workplace is filled with difficult personalities–bullies, know-it-alls, rumor mongers… Our fallback reaction when faced with problem people at work is to either assert ourselves or walk swiftly in the other direction. But there’s a middle ground, a way of communicating that’s

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Posted December 31, 2013 by

7 Lessons from High School to Apply on Entry Level Jobs

Some high school students might think that what they learn won’t matter later in their careers.  However, once they get entry level jobs, some lessons from school might come in handy.  Learn seven of them in the following post.

High schools get a lot of criticism for the way graduates are prepared (or not) for the rigors of the real world. Nowhere does that lack of preparation get highlighted more than in the workplace. But you’d be surprised how much happens in your average high school that’s related to


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Posted November 20, 2013 by

How to Increase Your Promotion Potential: 10 Tips

Two men shaking hands on a promotion

Two men shaking hands about a promotion. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

You work hard at your job. You show up on time every day. You do what’s expected of you. So why aren’t you being promoted?

Unfortunately, you can’t expect a promotion simply by doing your job well. Moving up the corporate ladder usually requires a concerted effort to make yourself stand out. As human resources executive V. Jean Maye puts it, “Employers want to see passion, leadership, a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and a solution-oriented team player poised for promotion.”

Don’t worry: This doesn’t mean you have to commit yourself to working 80 hours a week. There are a number of other ways you can make yourself stand out as a good candidate for a promotion and ensure you’re on the path of the upwardly mobile. (more…)

Posted October 16, 2013 by

How to Make it Through Your Entry Level Job in the First Year

If you’re anxious about making it through the first day of your entry level job, you are probably not thinking about how to make it through the first year.  However, you can do it by considering some tips in the following post.

Some people aren’t prepared for their first day of work, let alone learning how to navigate office obstacles to build a career. Between you and your three best friends, one won’t make it through the first year, and two won’t last 18 months. Don’t be a statistic. (Click here to tweet this thought.) Learn to

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Posted September 10, 2013 by

Young Professionals, Do Your Recent Graduate Jobs Require Travel? 7 Ways to Build Relationships Away from the Office

Being so busy at work may often leave you less time to connect with coworkers.  However, just because you’re away from the office, that does not mean you can’t build quality relationships.  For young professionals with recent graduate jobs and other workers, the following post has seven ways to create this time for networking.

Guest blog by Heather Townsend, co-author of ‘How to make partner and still have a life’ and author of ‘FT Guide To Business Networking’, and guest blogger for One of the most memorable quotes from the interviews I did for ‘How to make partner and still have a life’ was this one from Antoinette Oglethorpe: “From

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Posted August 23, 2013 by

5 Ways an Internship Finder Can Get Noticed at Work

How much does your internship mean to you?  As an internship finder, your goal should be to make a lasting impression.  Learn five ways to get noticed by others at work in the following post.

Featured: Not Featured This is a guest blog post by Anna Hicks. Whether this is your first internship or your fifth, you want to stand out from the crowd and make the best impression possible. Use these tips to get the most out of your internship and make sure your supervisors and colleagues

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