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How to Find the Career Path that Best Suits Your Personality

Graduation student choose his career in the future

Graduation student choose his career in the future. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Whether you have already been on the jobs market for a while now or you are just approaching your college graduation, you have certainly asked yourself at least once: how can I find the career path that works best for my personality and lifestyle? How can you be sure you are making the right decision and heading to the right direction? (more…)

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4 Rules for Being Religious at Work

Businessman sitting in office praying

Businessman sitting in office praying. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Politics and religion—the two topics nobody wants discussed at the dinner table. Why? Because those two topics are polarizing and can quickly turn a functional situation dysfunctional. But work isn’t the dinner table, so shouldn’t you be free to talk about and practice your religion as you see fit? After all, at work you are protected by the Civil Rights Act—something that, sadly, won’t protect you at Thanksgiving. (more…)

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Employers, Are You Looking for Referrals By Word of Mouth Concerning Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Here Are 12 Tips

To help them find the best candidates for jobs for recent college graduates, employers may want to ask for referrals by word of mouth.  The following post includes 12 tips for assistance.

Recently, the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) contacted top business leaders and innovators to ask the question, “How do you encourage word-of-mouth referrals?” Whether you’re a budding startup or a solopreneur looking to increase your leads, you’ll want to note their answers: Thank You Gifts “Whether it’s cute

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12 Tips for Getting More Word-of-Mouth Referrals

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Jobs for College Students – Gift Giving for the Fourth of July During Your Internship

As jobs for college students, internships provide an opportunity to make a good impression.  If you have a summer internship, giving gifts for the Fourth of July might help your cause.  Learn more in the following post.

Featured: Not Featured An important part of professional etiquette is knowing when to give your coworkers gifts. In internships, most students focus on making the best impression possible toward their business associates. Giving a thoughtful Fourth of July gifts Fourth of July gifts to your department can be a nice

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Summertime Gifts for Professionals: 4th of July

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11 Useful Gifts for College Grads

The Graduate - Nazareth CollegeOnce the euphoria of being done with class has subsided, new grads must face what adults have been warning them about for twenty-plus years: the real world.

Poised on the cusp of opportunity, young professionals may be considered “the lucky ones” by the older crowd, but grappling with unemployment and severe debt is no walk in the park. Ease the transition from carefree college life to responsible adulthood with these 11 practical gifts for college grads. (more…)

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Most Memorable Gifts From Co-Workers

Exchanging GiftsWorkers can expect more holiday cheer in the office this season, as companies offer more perks (bonuses, parties, gifts) than last year. Workers can expect more holiday cheer in the office this season, as companies offer more perks (bonuses, parties, gifts) than last year.

Bonuses: Four-in-ten (40 percent) employers plan to give their employees holiday bonuses this year, up from 33 percent in 2010. Among this group, 73 percent are planning to give the same amount as last year. Fourteen percent plan to provide a greater bonus than last year, while 13 percent plan to provide a smaller bonus. (more…)

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13% Take On Extra Work To Pay For Holiday Gifts

Santa working on laptopIf holiday shopping wasn’t enough to stress us out, try taking on additional workload in order to afford gifts. According to a November Persuadable Research survey, 29% have less money to spend than last year. Still, 60 percent plan to spend over $300 on gifts for friends, family and others. Where will this money come from besides regular employment? Thirteen percent will take on more work, 12 percent will sell something, 12 percent will use holiday bonus money.

It’s not easy to make ends meet for many Americans these days, but the holiday season is really important to many respondents. Over half, 56 percent, place high importance on the ability to give holiday gifts. Moreover, the chance to spend quality time with family and friends is exciting or extremely exciting to 43 percent of panelists. This excitement appears to be what fuels the need for people to take on extra work. Besides work, according to a variety of online sources, people might hold garage sales, sell things online, or even donate plasma to earn extra holiday cash. (more…)