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Posted March 18, 2013 by

8 Emerging Careers from 2012

Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones of Career Thought Leaders

Data science, geospatial technology, homeland security, and entertainment technology are some of the new and emerging occupations I blogged about last year:

1. Data science

Big Data staff analyze user behavior in unstructured data (e.g. web clicks, audio, video, blogs, forums, search terms) to make content appealing and profitable. From fanalytics (think Moneyball) to Presidential election and Hurricane Sandy predictions, data analytics skills are hot.

Job titles: data management analyst, data engineer, data scientist, statistical analyst, analytics architect, clinical data analyst, business intelligence analyst (more…)

Posted March 11, 2013 by

Cool College Majors: Liberal Arts with an Edge for Emerging Occupations

Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones of Career Thought Leaders

Can you imagine designing websites for CBS prime time shows such as CSI and Survivor or holding the title of ‘Game Guru’ at AOL? 

Would you like to evaluate global threats such as terrorism, cyber-crime, or human trafficking for agencies such as the CIA or FBI?

If you are fascinated by liberal arts subjects (e.g. graphic arts, geography, history, foreign languages) but concerned about finding a job, score major marketability through liberal arts with an edge.

Some interdisciplinary college majors prepare you for new and emerging occupations. These academic programs may make you especially attractive to employers due to a shortage of qualified applicants. (more…)

Posted October 16, 2012 by

Discover the Best Graduate Degree for Emerging Careers

Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones of Career Thought Leaders

Are you looking for a way to qualify for “hot jobs” in a poor economy?

Instead of aiming for a graduate or professional degree which personally interests you (folklore or film, anyone?) or impresses friends and family (M.D, MBA, J.D.), let’s consider more objective criteria:

  1. New and emerging occupations
  2. Positive job market outlook
  3. Good return on investment
  4. Breadth and depth; interdisciplinary with focus
  5. Experiential (internship, co-op, or capstone component) (more…)