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Posted May 09, 2014 by

Qualities Entry Level Job Candidates Should Bring to the Table

If you want to land an entry level job, be sure that you possess the qualities in the following post in order to impress potential employers.

Yesterday, we posted “7 Traits That Make You a Great Candidate” – and many readers were surprised that issues like confidence and culture fit weren’t included in the discussion. However, issues like confidence and fit aren’t the character traits we talked about in yesterday’s post… they are basics that every recruiter looks for in every candidate, regardless of the job,


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Posted March 06, 2014 by

Young Professionals, Thinking About Changing Jobs for Recent College Graduates? What to Consider Before Making a Change

At some point, it might be tempting for young professionals to change jobs for recent college graduates.  However, before they make a change, the following post has some advice for them to consider.

So you’ve worked at your first full-time gig for a significant amount of time, and you feel like you’ve mastered it. You know the ins and outs of your job, and you could probably complete assignments with your eyes closed. At this point in your not-so-new career, not only are your

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Posted January 23, 2014 by

Don’t Think Gen Y Want Entry Level Jobs? What Critics Should Know About Them

If you’re one of the Millennials out there who works hard, you might find it insulting when people say that your generation doesn’t want to work.  It’s not that all of you don’t want entry level jobs, but sometimes that is the impression left in the minds of others.  In the following post, learn why critics of Gen Y should be more careful when speaking of this group.

Some of the most repeated knocks on GenY by the Millennial-bashing experts in media-land are that they’re selfie-posting, social-media-crazed underachievers. While there’s no solid defense for taking excessive selfies, spreading hateful rhetoric about a generation you don’t understand is about as useful and savvy as selling used

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Posted January 21, 2014 by

Grads, Interviewing for Entry Level Jobs? Why You Shouldn’t Bring Your Parents

When interviewing for entry level jobs, graduates should think twice before bringing their parents along.  Learn more in the following post.

If you think you’ve heard it all when it comes to how involved parents are in Millennials’ job search, we’ve got some news for you. Now, not only are we apparently bringing our parents to interviews — we’re actually having them interview for us! Well, some people are

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Posted October 03, 2013 by

Young Professionals, Do Your Recent College Graduate Jobs Promote Innovation? 5 Traits to Tell If You Can Succeed as an Intrapreneur

Employers hiring for recent college graduate jobs may want to consider candidates who are innovative.  These just might be the workers who come up with the next big thing for their business.  For young professionals who desire success as intrapreneurs, the following post identifies five traits to possess.

Where is it written that entrepreneurs are only sole proprietors, closely held business owners or people who start a new company? Or that the great innovators, ideators and creators always start their own companies and enterprises? You can innovate from within, too. A common misconception is that those willing to step

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Posted September 26, 2013 by

And the Winner Is… Awards Millennials Might Believe They Should Win on Their Entry Level Jobs

While not all Millennials necessarily feel entitled, there are some who probably believe they are.  If these employees need some positive reinforcement on their entry level jobs, perhaps employers should consider giving out the awards mentioned in the following post.

It’s happening. We’re taking over. The Millennial generation, which is 80+ million strong and larger than the Baby Boomers, has started to fill management roles at companies big and small. You could say our journey into the upper ranks isn’t going smoothly. In a recent workplace study, older employees believe GenY managers are entitled and only concerned

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Posted September 12, 2013 by

Hiring for Entry Level Jobs? 3 Benefits GenY Can Bring to the Office

While some employers may be wary of hiring young professionals for entry level jobs, GenY does offer benefits to the workplace.  Learn three of them in the following post.

The battle of the generations rages on! Baby Boomers and GenX employees generally fee thatl GenY workers are uncommitted, slack, elusive and, of course, brazen. Millennials, on the other hand, continue to feel that Baby Boomers and GenX are all work and no play. Where’s the work-life balance, they

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Posted September 10, 2013 by

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself. Why Entry Level Job Employees Need an Attitude Adjustment

No employee should take his or her job for granted.  This is especially true if you have an entry level job, as your career is just getting started.  The following post explains why these workers need an attitude adjustment.

While ageism can work in your favor, it can also work against you, especially if your attitude confirms the GenY negative stereotypes. If you’re a recent college graduate, take a look at this attitude adjustment checklist so you don’t make a big mistake that could hold you back—or even get

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Posted August 15, 2013 by

Hiring Gen Y for Entry Level Jobs? Consider More than Just the Numbers

While employers may come across various studies on Generation Y, the most important thing for them to consider may be what this group has to offer once they’re hired for entry level jobs.  Learn more in the following post.

When, oh when will everyone stop focusing on all the stats and surveys about Millennials and focus on more important things… like, say, how well we’re actually doing our jobs? In yet another entry into the “here are some numbers about GenY!” category, Washington Post columnist Jena McGregor recently studied the results of a

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Posted August 06, 2013 by

From Entry Level Job to Management – How to be an Effective Manager as a Young Professional

If you’re a young professional who has been promoted from an entry level job into management, you want other employees to respect you.  The following post has tips to help you become an effective manager at work.

Our generation is entering management positions decades earlier than those before us. And let me tell you, lack of experience and training in management is a dangerous combination. I was promoted to a leadership position at 26, less than one year after I’d been hired at entry-level. I sucked. I had no clue how

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