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Posted August 01, 2014 by

3 Tips for College Graduates to Sell Themselves into their Dream Jobs

In order to land their dream jobs, college graduates should focus on selling themselves to employers.  The following post shares three tips that can help.

When searching for jobs, what is the most important career skill you can have? No matter the company or the occupation, the ability to sell yourself is key among all other attributes! In an interview, you are tasked with convincing a recruiter that you, amid all other applicants, are the

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Posted December 10, 2013 by

Not Motivated on Those Entry Level Jobs? What to Do About It

While young professionals might enjoy their entry level jobs initially, at some point they might lose motivation in their work.  The following post has some advice should they have this experience.

Ah, you were such an ambitious young one. You rocked undergrad, and possibly graduate school. You were idealistic and excited about your professional trajectory and the potential positive impacts you could make on the world. You were engaged, on fire, driven, ready. Then you got that fresh-out-of school fellowship or perfect


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Posted December 02, 2013 by

Want to Keep Your Entry Level Job? 5 Tips to Make You Irreplaceable

In a time where even good employees fear losing their jobs, it’s important to let your company know that it needs you.  So if you have an entry level job, the following post includes five tips to make yourself an irreplaceable worker.

If your boss doesn’t think you’re getting the job done, there are plenty of people who can replace you. Everyone wants to gain an advantage by making themselves irreplaceable. But how do you become so valuable at work your boss won’t want lose you? Here are five tips on how to become

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Posted December 04, 2012 by

13 tips for E-mail Etiquette: It Still Counts in a Mobile Generation

CollegeRecruiter.comHave you ever thought about email etiquette?  It does exist and may benefit you, especially in the workplace; learn some tips in the following post.

In today’s world, e-mails are often rapid fire communication with little thought behind them. Yet, they still make an impression – your e-mail approach is part of your personal brand. It affects your reputation when you are in the job market and continues to be noticed once you have secured a job. It’s important to remember e-mail etiquette and also that in certain instances, e-mail may not be the best method of communication.

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13 tips for E-mail Etiquette: It Still Counts in a Mobile Generation

Posted November 30, 2012 by

4 Holiday Job Search Tips

CollegeRecruiter.comJust because it is the holiday season, that does not mean you can’t get a job.  Check out some job search tips in the following post.

Every year in November, job seekers get discouraged that no-one is hiring and stop their search activities until January. Is this you?

Make the last two months of the year work for you, instead of against you.

Step 1: Review all your marketing materials and update them.

Use a clear head and mind to review your resume, social media profiles, cover letters, and email signatures.
* does each portray you as the best match for the job you are seeking?
* are you demonstrating your past successes in terms of your future goals?
* would you hire you?

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4 Holiday Job Search Tips

Posted November 26, 2012 by

Stop Selling Yourself. Start Playing It Cool.

CollegeRecruiter.comWhile it is important for job seekers to be proactive in their job searches, they need to be smart in their approaches to contacts.  Consider some career advice in the following post.

Q&A With Pete Leibman, Author of “I Got My Dream Job and So Can You

“Dear Pete: I’m in the middle of a job search, and a friend just referred me to someone who works for one of my target companies.  Should I include my resume and cover letter when I contact this person?”

Pete’s Response:

Here’s the short answer: No!

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Stop Selling Yourself. Start Playing It Cool.