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Posted July 29, 2014 by

Attention Millennials – This is Not Your Parents’ World

Young relaxed successful businessman in the city

Young relaxed successful businessman in the city. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Much has been said about the generation known as the “Millennials.”  Baby Boomers see them as lacking in commitment, reflective of instability in lifestyles, and not focused enough on career, family, and long-term goals.  Many even call them the “Lost Generation,” a reference perhaps to the “Lost Boys” of Peter Pan.  But take heart, you Millennials – this is not the world of your parents nor will it ever be again.  You are a generation that is coming into its own and adjusting to a very different global mindset.  As members of this generation, you have a much better handle on how your world will “work” during your lifetime and how best to navigate it.  Consider the following: (more…)

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Interviewing with an Experienced Recruiter? How to Win the Entry Level Job

If you’re about to interview for an entry level job with an experienced recruiter, make sure you are prepared by using the tips in the following post.

That elusive job or internship is almost yours. You just nailed the phone interview. You have an in-person interview scheduled for next week. Your confidence is sky high. You’re going to get hired. Not so fast. This time, the interview is a veteran; a baby boomer…

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Pursuing an Entry Level Job in Interior Design? 4 Possible Career Opportunities

If you are searching for an entry level job in interior design, but not sure what area to pursue, check out the following post to learn about four possible career opportunities.

Featured: Not Featured This is a guest post by Anna Hicks. When you think of interior design, you probably think of beautifully-decorated, well-appointed rooms. You imagine a career matching couches to artwork, or advising clients on the best way to position televisions and sectionals while still allowing a natural traffic flow. You

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Will Increasing the Minimum Wage Hurt Entry Level Jobs for Millennials?

While most minimum wage workers would probably love an increase in pay, there is talk about how doing so could hurt finding entry level jobs.  Learn more in the following post.

America’s youth greatly benefit from these types of entry-level jobs where they develop the skills and work ethic necessary to succeed further down the line. But increasing the cost of hiring makes it dramatically more difficult to …

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Raising minimum wage will kill jobs for young Millennials