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Posted November 09, 2011 by

Transportation Investment of $231 Million in Texas and Pennsylvania, and 490 Jobs Announced

GE plans to add new jobs in the near future.

Growing global demand for GE’s high-tech products has led to manufacturing expansion and new jobs in the U.S. in 2011. GE Transportation announced it will spend $231 million to build a new manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, Texas, for making electric drive systems for heavy-duty mining trucks and to expand an existing locomotive and mining equipment factory in Erie, Pennsylvania. GE will hire a total of 490 workers as a result of the two-state push. The new facility in Texas is the 16th new manufacturing plant in the U.S. announced by GE since 2009.

This is the second large investment announced in Fort Worth and Erie this year. In May 2011, GE announced plans to open a $96 million locomotive manufacturing factory. That investment is set to create 500 jobs and further 275 openings beyond 2012. Also in May, GE said that it would add 250 jobs to meet growing demand for GE goods.

To learn more about the new investments that GE is making as well as the jobs that will be available, check out the recent story on GE Reports: