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Posted December 02, 2008 by

Writing Your Resume Objective

You’ve probably heard a million times that employers only spend 30 seconds looking at your resume. Help get their attention by writing a targeted objective.
Know as a career objective or professional objective, this section of your resume comes right after your personal contact information. It’s one of the first things an employer sees. So, if you write an objective that shows a clear link between the job and your skills, you’ll help employers see you as a viable candidate.
Your career objective should state your desired position and the employers’ needs. It should include job- and skill-related “action verbs”. It should also include the kind of employer you seek and the skills you want to apply.
Don’t say what you want to gain from the employer or the position. You want to keep the employer focused on what you can do for them.
Below, you can read some sample objectives:

  • Research responsibility in the software architecture area of a growing financial services software company.
  • Entry-level management information systems position requiring skill in systems analysis, design and research.
  • Marketing assistant in the product marketing area of a large consumer goods company seeking a team player with attention to detail and strong organizational skills.

Make sure your objective matches what you say in your resume. Try to customize your resume for every job. brings jobseekers and recruiters accurate, timely information about the world of work.
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