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Posted June 25, 2014 by

Franchising for College Grads

A road to franchising new business opportunity chain store

A road to franchising new business opportunity chain store. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

During college, most students feel the optimism of a world that’s completely open to them and that gives the tools and connections they need in order to succeed. However, a small percentage of college grads aren’t going to school to join the corporate world, they’re entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for lucrative opportunities.

These graduates intend on starting their own business, whether it be a restaurant, boutique, service business or any number of others. They’ll quickly find that the theory they learned in business school might not be enough to succeed in the business world. However, there is a solution… (more…)

Posted May 14, 2014 by

Entrepreneurship: Is Franchising Right for You?

The word franchising in gold with black background

The word franchising in gold with black background. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Whether you are in the process of graduating, or still have a ways to go; there is no doubt you are thinking about your job prospects. You may be searching for entry-level jobs in your chosen field, or you could be in the midst of a promising internship. Another option is to start your own business using the skills and experience that you have gained in your years of study.

Starting a business could seem like a daunting task, especially in a tough market. However, buying a franchise could give you an advantage over your competition. (more…)

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4 Reasons to Use Social Media for Your Entry Level Job Search

If you have been unsuccessful to this point finding an entry level job, perhaps you should consider taking your job search to the next level by using social media.  The following post suggests four reasons for making this decision.

Majority of organizations today are using social media for recruitment. It is important to be savvy about what you must know of and what needs to be done better when using social media for job search. Here’s an infographic by  Joshua Waldman which shows some strategies to include in your job search today: Follow @careerbright Related Posts:Multitasking and

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4 Social Media Tips to Help you Stand Out in your #JobSearch [Infographic]

Posted June 22, 2012 by

Opportunity to Start Franchise is Improving

Have you ever thought about starting your own business?  If you’re holding back because of the economy, you may want to reconsider.

The first few months of 2012 have brought some encouraging news for potential franchise owners hamstrung during the recession by a clenched-fist credit market.

Since the collapse of the housing market and near-collapse of the world economy in the fall of 2008, banks facing increased regulation and oversight of their lending practices have been loath to lend money, especially in the form of unsecured loans — the kind that most newly minted franchise owners need to cover their initial investment costs.

Lately, though, franchisors that work with FranNet, the international network of franchise consultants, have reported that their franchisee candidates are finding it easier to borrow money, even in the form of unsecured loans. It’s a sign that the economy is on the road to recovery and that banks are recognizing the benefits of lending money to worthy business ventures. (more…)

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Want to Be an Entry Level Entrepreneur? Open a Franchise.

College tuitions increase a little more every year. As a result, some students have been looking for ways to offset the expense by working while going to school. Traditionally, college students work during the summers – including paid summer internships – and/or work part time during the fall and spring semesters – again including paid internships. But a new trend has developed recently that is very beneficial to business students looking for experience as well as income.
Franchising is becoming increasingly popular among college students and recent graduates as a way to earn money, get practical work experience and enjoy a little independence. Opening a franchise isn’t solely for recent college graduates looking for an alternative to the traditional entry level job hunt, and it’s not only for business majors. Anyone with the drive and dedication to be a small business owner can give it a try.
People like Faisal Ansari, who runs a College Hunks Hauling Junk franchise knows that there’s a lot of hard work that goes into running a franchise and a willingness to compromise, too. Because a franchisee is actually buying into an already established business – like McDonald’s or Dominos – the business plan has already been set up and a system of operation already established. For some, Faisal says “staying within the confines of a proven system” can be challenging. “Some people are better off being on their own and not owning a franchise, if they think they can do everything their way,” he suggests.
Of course, the whole reason for purchasing a franchise instead of going it alone is because it’s easier to get funding. The fact that a business plan is already successfully in effect is a major selling point with lenders who are confronted by someone with little or no experience in the world of business.