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Posted January 28, 2013 by

Video: The Ultra-Flexible Hidden Corner of the Job Market

Plenty of people need jobs with very flexible hours — but it’s difficult for those people to connect with the employers who need them. In this Ted Talk, Wingham Rowan explains how the same technology that powers modern financial markets can help employers book workers for slivers of time.

Wingham is the Project Director of Slivers-of-Time Working, a U.K.-based, government-funded initiative that uses advanced (but easy-to-use) trading technology to help individuals who need to work on their own terms and at times of their choosing connect with employers who need their labor. Employers expanding their workforce in this new way include local authorities, housing associations, National Health Service Primary Care Trusts, retailers and caterers.

Rowan is the former producer and presenter of the UK’s longest running television series about the Internet,, and the presenter of the children’s TV program Rowan’s Report. He’s is the author of two books about the social potential of online markets.


Posted January 23, 2013 by

What You Need To Know About Asking Your Boss For a Flexible Working Arrangement

Yvette Maurice

Yvette Maurice

I had an argument with my friend yesterday – she’s a manager who looks after 40 staff and is struggling to accommodate everyone’s requests for flexible working arrangements. I, on the other hand, have enjoyed working for a company that actively encouraged its workers to work flexibly: within that organisation there were job sharing directors, people who worked from home, people who worked part time and casually, and people who worked in different states, at different times of the day. (more…)

Posted June 08, 2012 by

Employees Choose Flexible Schedules as Top Summer Perk

What do most employees want this summer?  Apparently, it’s flexible work schedules.

As temperatures heat up, professionals are looking forward to fun in the sun, a new OfficeTeam survey suggests. Flexible schedules (41 percent) and leaving work early on Fridays (28 percent) are the most coveted summer benefits, according to employees polled. The results mirror those from a similar survey of workers conducted in 2009.

The study also shows employers may be warming up to these perks: Three out of four (75 percent) human resources (HR) managers interviewed said their company offers flexible schedules during the summer, and more than six in 10 (63 percent) noted that workers are allowed to leave early on Fridays. (more…)