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College Life: 5 Financial Tips that will save your Wallet’s Life in School

save money words on a chalkboard illustrating back to school savings or instructions on how to save on your education costs

Save Money words on a chalkboard illustrating back to school savings or instructions on how to save on your education costs. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

College can be a life-shaping financial experience. It is the start of independence for young people and the genesis of credit scores, bank accounts, car loans, and other firsts. If you are starting this journey with limited financial education or if you would like to know some practical tools for keeping as much of your money as you can, here are five financial areas where you can cut costs while in college. (more…)

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College Graduates, Thinking about Creating Your Own Jobs with Startups? Keep These 3 Financial Tips in Mind

College graduates might give strong thought to creating their own jobs by forming startups.  Before doing so, grads should consider three financial tips found in the following post.

You’ve decided to turn your great startup idea into a reality, congratulations! As you prepare to give yourself over to the life of an entrepreneur, some of the biggest challenges you’ll need to prepare for are the financial ones. And not just how to get your great idea up and running — how

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Hey Internship Finder, Don’t Forget to Budget

While many students may be looking forward to their internship experiences, they should consider how to manage their expenses.  The following post has tips if you’re an internship finder who needs to plan a budget.

Featured: Featured The countdown is on. Students from all over the world will migrate to large metropolitan areas over the next few weeks to start their dream internships. Some of these are going to be paid internships, while others, unpaid. Regardless of the pay, they all have one thing in common: the need

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How to Budget For Your Internship

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Changing the Way You Look at Your Money

CollegeRecruiter.comHow do you see your financial situation?  The answer can impact the way you regard money.  In the following post, learn methods that allow you to see your finances in a more favorable light.

Whether you realize it or not, psychology plays a powerful role in your finances. How you look at money can actually determine how you spend and save. If you’re looking for ways to change the way you view money, look no further. Put these effective thought-altering strategies to the test and see how they affect your finances!

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Changing the Way You Look at Your Money

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5 Fun Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids About Finance

CollegeRecruiter.comMoney is nothing to take for granted.  In the following post, learn five lessons that military families and all people can teach their children when it comes to the value of a dollar.

You teach your kids valuable lessons everyday: to look both ways before crossing the street, to respect their elders, say “please” and “thank you,” and to be kind to others. However, amidst all the travel, deployments, and other chaos that comes with being a military family, many parents forget one very important lesson: teaching their kids about money.


5 Fun Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids About Finance

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College Life 101: How to Deal With Financial Emergencies

CollegeRecruiter.comCollege students and their families understand certain costs come with going to college.  However, what about those unexpected times when extra cash is needed?  Find out how military students and their families, and other people can get through challenging situations.

For many college students, class is back in session, which means there are books to read, homework assignments to complete, and papers to write. It also means another year of tuition bills, housing costs, and other expenses. Financing a college education is no small feat, especially for military parents and students whose education budgets have very little wiggle room. So what happens when an unexpected education expense pops up? For military parents and students, the answer is easy: a military loan.

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College Life 101: How to Deal With Financial Emergencies

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How College Students Can Save Money

College students, do you need help saving some money?  The following post provides some ways to keep some extra cash in your pockets.

Around the country, college students are beginning a new school year in the midst of rising tuition and living expenses. Ryan Law, director of the University of Missouri’s Office for Financial Success (OFS) and the MU Council on Economic Education, says college students’ need for solid financial planning is at an all-time high. (more…)