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Posted December 14, 2012 by

5 Ways To Make Your Executive Resume Better

CollegeRecruiter.comIf you need some help writing your executive resume, the following post has some tips to help yours make a favorable impression with a recruiter or potential employer.

One of the most important things to keep in mind about writing your executive resume is that there is no one way to do it. Don’t get locked in a box about how a resume should look and feel. What works for one job candidate may not work for another. The idea is to write the best resume for you.

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5 Ways To Make Your Executive Resume Better

Posted August 27, 2012 by

3 Steps to Kick Off Your Executive Job Search

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

Sometimes getting a good start with an executive job search can be challenging. It’s often difficult to know which steps to take to make sure you’re finding the right employers and positions to apply for. While every job search is unique and there is no specific template available that ensures an executive job search will flow perfectly, there are some steps you can take to start on the right track. Here are three to consider: (more…)

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Is Your Executive Job Search in Limbo?

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

Executive job seekers have learned over the past few years that a search at any professional level can be challenging in a tough job market. If enough time passes, it could seem like the search is in complete limbo.

Of course, no job search is perfect. No matter how amazing your qualifications appear, it can be tough to secure a job against other highly qualified candidates. But by refining your resume writing and networking skills, you may be able to improve a search that seems to be stalling. (more…)

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How #CDISST Can Boost Your Executive Job Search

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

As an executive job seeker on the move, it’s important that you’re always in the know when it comes to the latest and greatest job-seeking vehicles. A new way to gain access to new information is via the Twitter hashtag #cdisst. This hashtag was created as a part of a professional initiative from Career Directors International (CDI). Now it’s time to learn more about what this hashtag can do for you. (more…)

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Executives Have To Eat Too – Resources For Executive Job Search

Dream more than others think practical…Expect more than others think possible.” – Howard Schultz

Career AlleyThe infamous food chain (not to be confused with a food web!).

This is where corporate life mimics the animal world, although in the corporate world the food chain is shaped like a pyramid, with lots of junior employees at the base and fewer senior people as you move up the pyramid.

With that picture in mind, the more senior your role, the more difficult it is to find a new job. So, how long does it take to find a more senior job? (more…)

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Why Company Research Is Important in an Executive Job Search

As an executive-level job candidate, you know your field inside and out, which is why conducting a job search can initially seem like an easy task.  But if you haven’t searched in years, you might find that the task is more involved than you first thought.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of highly qualified executives looking for work just like you, which means you need to give yourself an edge in order to obtain an interview—and hopefully snag a position.  One way to increase your odds is to conduct thorough research on each company as you write your resumes. (more…)

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Going Digital to Find Work

The nation’s unemployment rate may be inching downward, but the out-of-work figures have remained in the 9.0 to 9.2 percent range since April 2011, according to Bureau of Labor statistics.

An estimated 32,000 job seekers found work in October, but that still leaves 13.9 million reported unemployed, which means a lot of people are competing for the same job.

So how do you stand out in that crowd? (more…)

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Executive Job Search Not Panning Out? Consider 3 Tips to Smooth Out the Process

Conducting an executive job search is challenging work. There are often so many documents to submit, so many interviews to take part in, and so many associates to keep track of for networking purposes that getting the job done can be more than a notion.

If you have been looking for work but realize that it’s just not getting you the callbacks you desire, it may be time to consider a few tips that might help you conduct a successful search: (more…)

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Discontent With Economy Spreading to Boardrooms: 108 CEO’s Terminated in September

Turnover among the nation’s chief executive officers reached a 12-month high, as 108 CEOs announced their departures in September; among them, the heads of tech giants Yahoo! and Hewlett-Packard.   It was the sixth consecutive month with more than 100 CEO changes, according to the latest report on CEO departures released Wednesday by global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

September CEO exits were up four percent from 104 in August.  It was the highest number of departures since September 2010, when 111 CEO changes were announced.

Despite the recent uptick in CEO turnover activity, the total number of departures recorded this year remains slightly below the 2010 pace.  So far, Challenger has tracked 922 CEO departures through three quarters of 2011, 4.6 percent fewer than the 967 CEO changes announced from January through September last year. (more…)

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3 Ways Twitter Can Enhance Your Executive Job Search

A whole new world of job search is open to candidates through social media and is booming like never before. It’s already been established just how beneficial this medium can be for individuals conducting professional job searches, especially when LinkedIn is a priority.

Twitter has also been deemed a useful tool for job seeking, especially for entry- and mid-level professional job seekers. But should it be utilized at the executive level? The answer is yes! In fact, you might be surprised by just how beneficial it could be for your search. It may be able to … (more…)