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Posted December 23, 2013 by

Looking for an Entry Level Job in the Tech Industry? What to Know for Your Job Search

If you are looking for an entry level job in the tech industry, the following post includes an infographic with information to help you with your job search.

The tech industry is a hot market for professionals across the globe. Whether you’ve been pursuing a career in the tech sector for a number of years or you’re just now considering it, the future of tech is looking pretty promising. Case in point: From 2010 to 2020, computer-related occupations are expected to grow 22 percent, compared to the

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Posted September 24, 2013 by

Are You the Most Hireable for an Entry Level Job? 4 Benefits of Career-Specific Training

To improve your chances of landing an entry level job, you may want to look into getting some career-specific training.  The following post includes an infographic with four benefits this training can give you during your job search.

Success comes to those who are prepared. This statement is valid at any stage in life and more so for career success. Career specific training can give you and edge over other candidates, and that’s an essential when you are competing against hundreds for one job. Here is an interesting infographic highlighting 4 reasons

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Posted June 06, 2013 by

Internship Finder – Follow These 5 Tips for a Successful Search

If you want to be an internship finder, you should plan ahead.  The following post shares five tips to help you prepare for a successful search.

Taking on an internship is an amazing way to kickstart your career before leaving college. You’ll expand your skillset, gain hands-on experience, and maybe even get your foot in the door for a full-time job prospect after you graduate. But there’s a lot you’ll need to know before you begin applying. Searching


First-Time Interns: 5 Tips To Help You Prepare