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Posted December 26, 2012 by

How to Make the Interviewer See You as the Best Applicant

CollegeRecruiter.comDuring a job interview, you need to convince an employer that you’re the ideal candidate for a position.  The following post explains how to do so.

One of the most important aspects of mock interviewing programs is often overlooked. That aspect, making the interviewer link you to the position you are applying for as the best candidate, needs to be honed. It’s not difficult and a couple of simple questions are usually enough to do the trick. What is important is that in answering them the interviewer is already imagining you as the person filling the position.

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How to Make the Interviewer See You as the Best Applicant

Posted December 07, 2012 by

What A Resume Is NOT

CollegeRecruiter.comYou know that a resume is supposed to tell an employer who you are and what you have to offer.  Make sure it does these things and not those described in the following post.

So often, when researching how to put together a resume, the posts and articles are a lot of “a resume is this,” and “a resume should have this,” but often, there is no information about what is dangerous or unnecessary in a resume. That is what this post is for–to help you understand what a resume is not so you can create the best and most impressive resume.


What A Resume Is NOT

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The Problem Of Having A Vague Career Summary

CollegeRecruiter.comWhen writing a resume objective or career summary, it is your responsibility to clearly and concisely define yourself to an employer.  If you don’t, it will leave a less than favorable impression in his or her mind.

Writing an objective or career summary can be one of the hardest sections to write in a resume. Why? It is often the shortest part of your resume, so it shouldn’t be hard, right? Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for people because you have to briefly summarize why an employer should hire you. When it gets to the point that it is too difficult to write a tailored, specific summary, some people will give up and just write a vague or generalized one. While this is certainly an option for people, there are problems with it. Some of these include:

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The Problem Of Having A Vague Career Summary