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What is the Potential Salary for Your Entry Level Job?

When searching for an entry level job, you’ll likely want to know how much money you can earn.  The following post lists specific entry level jobs and their potential salaries.

salary In this tight economic condition that we are living in, the average salary of entry level jobs vary, depending on the category. Reality is, fresh graduates may expect a good job upon graduation. Sadly, this is not made…

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5 Entry Level Jobs for Recent IT Graduates

What are five top entry level jobs for IT graduates to consider in their job searches?  Find out in the following post.

untitled OK, so you’ve graduated or are graduating very soon. What now? The parties are over. The all night cram sessions are a thing of the past. Where do you go from here? Well, for some it’s moving back home with mom …

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Top 5 entry-level IT jobs for new grads | vDestination: you’re virtually …

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Saving Money On An Entry-Level Salary

CollegeRecruiter.comHave you just started an entry level job and want to learn how to save some money?  The following post has ways to help you create savings on an entry level salary.

Let us pretend for a moment that entry-level salaries provide a living wage. In order to write a piece on saving, I need to assume you have enough income to save. If you are struggling to meet your basic necessities like food, …

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Saving Money On An Entry-Level Salary | HER AGENDA

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Life Adjustments for Recent Grads: Living on an Entry Level Salary during Recession

In the light of the recession, recent grads with entry level salaries are experiencing hard hits. Their salaries barely pay the bills, gas prices continue to rise, and employers are struggling to keep them with other employment perks. In reality, the grad can make life adjustments to suit the recession by making the choice to change.
Cut Excessive Spending
If you party every week, the money adds up at the end of the month. Smart grads budget their income by identifying needs and wants. Do you want to spend your last dollar out with your friends? Is it worth it if your phone bill is due Tuesday morning? This recession is nothing to fear, but you have to know your way around the system. Your entry level salary should be used to keep your life in order so think of the consequences from excessive spending on the weekends.
Get A Part-Time Job
Need an additional stream of income? Get a part-time job for the weekends or after hours of your workday. Recent grads with one full-time job and part-time job have extra responsibilities, but earn additional money to pay their bills on time. Do not overwork yourself at your part-time job because you need energy for your full-time position. If you do not want to apply for a part-time position, find a way to sell your services to others.
Identifying the best place to work is one step to adjusting to the costly effects of a recession. Grads can survive on an entry level salary by getting a part-time job and cutting excessive spending. Taking care of these two steps can save you a huge headache when your bills are due Tuesday. Remember, the recession exists but you do not have to change everything about your life to live comfortably.

Posted April 20, 2007 by

Student Money Skills: Break Your Spending Habits Before Graduation

Build residual streams of income at a young age… tips for scratching the entrepreneurial spirit of Gen Y.
College students must learn budgeting skills to survive student loans, living costs, and adventures. Most find themselves in heaven when they receive an entry level salary. Some splurge once the letters of commitment are signed. Others find ways to save each dollar for future emergencies, travel, cars, and/or pay their current debts.