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Progressive Insurance

Established in 1937, two good friends named Joseph Lewis and Jack Green started Progressive Mutual Insurance Company to provide security and protection most auto insurance companies lacked. Since then the company has worked hard to earn its reputation as a fair, fast, and reliable insurance company in the US. The initial introduction of the company led thousands in the right direction by managing their auto insurance with integrity. Progressive’s beginning is just as intriguing as its current workforce with over 250,000 employees in over 450 offices across the nation. Entry level jobs and internships are the tip of the iceberg for recent graduates; training, advancement, and learning are required to establish oneself in this organization. Progressive’s unique work environment is only one aspect used to engage current students and recent grads.
Progressive is built on integrity, the Golden Rule, objectives, excellence, and profit. Future prospects, recent graduates, and current college students must function under these same terms. The opportunities emerging from Progressive’s expansion calls for more students and highly talented candidates to fill entry level positions in every office across the nation. This alone drives the need for employees with open minds and customer service oriented personalities to consider Progressive a starting point in their careers. At this time, new grads are entering internships to learn more about this company to grow into functional roles that assist in accomplishing Progressive’s mission of service.
Interested in working with a leading insurance company? Progressive offers multiple internship opportunities for first-year MBA students that demonstrate initiative, responsive to challenges, and open to learn the operations of an insurance firm based on service to the community. Current information technology (IT) students can gain exposure in a Fortune 500 firm by applying for one of the many IT internships available at Colorado Springs, Colorado and outside of Cleveland locations. The openings include:

  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Operations Services
  • Quality Assurance

If computers are not your forte, you can learn more about the Claims Adjuster Trainee program that teaches students how to examine policies to determine coverage, review police and hospital records, call and interview claimants pertaining to a claim, and learn to appraise, investigate, and settle both vehicle and personal injury claims. The extent of learning moves out of the classroom with real world experience. Students with the drive to succeed in a true learning environment call Progressive Insurance home.
Career Opportunities
Recent grads and current students interested in applying to Progressive can find entry level positions in:

  • Corporate and Executive
  • Claims
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Sales and Service

Each position offers amazing benefits including tuition assistance, 401(k) plans, Identity Theft Insurance, Aflac, base salary, and gain sharing. The connection between Progressive and its employees has built a strong foundation for recent grads to consider. The entry level jobs and internships offered through this company peak interest like never before. Ironically, Progressive considers these benefits necessities to keeping highly-talented employees happy and productive. The founders worked off of core values that continue to stream through all 450 offices across the nation. As soon as you decide Progressive insurance is the best place to start your career, you can access the many perks available to their employees.

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Valpak – Cox Target Media

Valpak is a direct marketing and advertising firm based in Largo, Florida, with central locations in over 200 markets across the US. Students across the country are linking into focus with highly advertised positions in Advertising Account Executives and more with this company. Entry level jobs in the advertising industry offer recent grads an opportunity to engage customers and develop skills to enhance their careers.
Never heard of this firm? Well, Valpak is a blue envelope direct marketing company that connects advertisers to their audience. When people think of value, they think of Valpak. Thus, you are entering into a company that is founded on trust, integrity, and value. With Valpak, entry level positions means face-to-face, online, and in-the mail sales to clients. Valpak does not offer internships for recent college students, but students can apply for entry level positions available.
Valpak’s entry level jobs go beyond the sales origin of Advertising Account Executives and links into the interworking of its offices including positions in:
  • Administration
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Retail Business Solution/PMO
  • Production Operations
  • Graphics
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Human Resources/Training

Recent college graduates are in for a treat; Valpak employees receive 401(K) with company match, medical and dental insurance, mail order prescriptions, life insurance, paid sick/personal time, and paid holidays. These incentives are running short due to today’s economy thus it is another reason to consider Valpak as the starting point of your career. Aside from the amazing benefits offered, recent college grads have an opportunity for Career Development and Tuition Assistance if they are interested in pursuing higher degrees.
Recent college grads and students interested in pursing a sales career with Valpak can apply here. The opportunities are there and over 200 markets available in the US.
Valpak pursues business-savvy potentials that are willing to search for opportunities in their chosen markets. As a Valpak professional, your performance enhances financial awards and incentives.Valpak expects its employees to ‘go for the gold’ by applying their skills, knowledge, and experience into their position. You will never have a boring day or a ‘routine’ because your career is ever changing with the advertising industry. You can expect challenges, rewards, and advancement with Valpak. Recent grads are considered a valuable asset at Valpak because grads can add a fresh perspective to their company. With driven ambitions, your career choice is promising.
If you like independence, flexibility, and challenges, Valpak has the perfect career opportunities waiting for you. Recent grads and students can tap into the unlimited benefits offered through Valpak’s competitive base salaries plus commission through their advertising careers. New recruits are given paid training and mentorship throughout their careers.
Interested in working with an innovative and continuing company? Valpak’s innovation has lasted for over 40 years and counting. If this does not impress you, imagine working with a team of successful individuals always searching for the next challenge.

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GEN Y ANTHEM: Entrepreneurial Spirits In Entry Level Positions

As small businesses sprout all over the world, this generation has more to offer than ever before.
I read through a few articles from other entry level job seekers here at College Recruiter. I wanted to write an article …well, an anthem for all of us who are curious about our futures. Feel free to add to this if you are experiencing or wanting these kinds of returns in your career or entry level job.


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Truth Behind Entry Level Positions: Survivors explain…

Yes, there are survivors of entry level positions.
Can you see yourself surviving the demands of your employers to climb the corporate ladder?
A few of my colleagues and I reflected on our first encounters with the entry level position career move.
Their names will remain anonymous, but you can figure out where I am going with this. Sadie has just received an entry level position as a real estate broker trainee in Charlotte, North Carolina. She waited until she received her two year degree in business administration, tackled the courses, and is still considered a ‘trainee’.
I think she has taken a lot on her shoulders in order to live in the Queen City (Charlotte, North Carolina) and work under mentorship in the real estate firm. According to Sadie, she can make a 6-figure income once the real estate market stabilizes. No sweat there, but why is she really in this position?


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SEM: Is it the Entry Level Marketer’s Dream?

What’s all the fuss about search engine marketing? Recent college graduates are missing out on a gold mine. It’s crazy, but you can search any name online and find it today. Everyone is online and businesses are adding entry level positions for people who love search engine marketing.
You can not deny the potential waiting for college grads in entry level SEM positions. Search engine marketing firms want to hire fresh candidates with an idea of what SEM used to be to what it is today. The industry’s standards change almost instantly, but it provides solid ground for those who understand the basics.
Look at the numbers:
Search engine marketing is a booming industry – $5.75 billion in 2005.
Now, it’s 2007 and more brick-and-mortar companies are online. It is essential for survival in today’s technologically advanced economy. You can jump into the wave of the future if you want a great entry level position in the SEM industry.
Right now, an average entry level SEM position pays $30,000 or minimum $10 an hour. It is a pretty good break for those of us who love to work on our computers and search engines. You know what the best part is? You can learn SEM through self-taught lessons, industry seminars, and other curriculums designed by the search engines. Entry level jobs should provide the training upfront – it can go either way with SEM.
I love it. Big search engine marketing firms provide ongoing training and pay for their SEMs to attend seminars. I like this idea. In two years, you can earn more money in your entry level position. You may even earn the title of ‘specialist’ after you conduct successful campaigns with documented results. This industry has an array of opportunity for fast learners who stride into the future. You can get a jumpstart your career by visiting search engine marketing websites. You can find information regarding candidate requirements including certifications, experience, and salary ranges.
This industry has changed the way of business. You can change the direction of your entry level job search by using search engine marketing.
Intro SEM Project for Entry Level Job Seekers:
-Start a blog for a hobby or passion. (e.g. business, music, sports)
-Research the keywords for your industry regarding that passion. (business news, new music)
-Read recent news about changes for a company or companies you are interested in working for. (e.g. Sony, Nike)
-Post two to three entries a week.
-Submit your blog to search engines.
-Connect with other bloggers.
Seems easy, right? Dive into this project if you are not online yet. Be sure to remain open-minded if others begin to comment on your blog. Interaction develops rapport with your readers. If they feel a comment can help you, embrace it. Remember to utilize the bio box of your blogs and articles. If someone loves your work, you may find them linking to your blog to show their readers. Someone will read it and someone could have a job waiting for you in SEM because of your diligence in building a brand through search engine marketing.
Have fun with your first SEM project.

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Best Practices for Online Job Searches

Are you tired of working the 9 to 5 in an office? Well, get to work! Online jobs are running through the roof and it is time that you found one just for you. I’ll give you a hint or two of how to get exactly what you’re looking for….