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What Does it Take to Land an Entry Level Job in Marketing?

Marketing students and graduates, learn how to land an entry level job in marketing in the following post.

However, despite the increased competition, getting an entry-level marketing job can be easier obtained than many believe it to be. Below, you’ll find a guide to assist in procuring the right position quickly and effectively.

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Preparing for Entry Level Jobs in Marketing

If the field of marketing is of interest to you as a college student, a marketing manager career may be in your future. This entry level job is highly paid to compensate for the long hours and the amount of travel that is required. A highly competitive market leads to prestigious careers for entry level market managers who have exhibited skill in their field of work so the position is highly sought after.
College graduates with either a bachelors or masters degree in the study of business administration make up the majority of entry level marketing job holders. This course of study is highly recommended if you wish to pursue a career in the marketing field. Additional courses in business law, statistics, accounting and finance make the prospective employee even more valuable to companies who are hiring for entry level marketing positions. If you intend to work in the marketing field for technological products, those with a secondary degree in engineering or science are highly prized by companies offering entry level marketing jobs.
Leadership skills are highly desirable in prospective entry level marketing employees as well as the work experience earned through internships while attending college. This entry level job often requires the marketing manager to oversee a small staff of marketing personnel and make decisions regarding the demand and distribution of products in a geographical region.
For those who wish to enter the field of marketing after college, internships are highly recommended as a way to gain work experience and build your network. These internship opportunities are available through the Internship page found at

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Finding Entry Level Positions in the Advertising Field

For those who have spent their time in college studying computer sciences such as graphical arts the field of advertising offers some excellent opportunities for entry level jobs and internships. These entry level positions offer a lot of room for advancement based on your skills and success so there are really no limits on how far your career can go. While some markets are larger than others, the advertising career field is available almost anywhere so there is always work to be found for the determined. If you want to make a career for yourself in advertising, you first have to get started and the best way to do this is with an entry level job or internship. Where can these opportunities be found?
One of the best places to look for entry level advertising jobs and internship positions is the entry level job and internship locator found at Offering advanced search capabilities, as well up to date information and detailed results, this search tools put the world of entry level jobs at your fingertips. Through this resource you will find entry level job and internship opportunities in advertising and related career fields, not to mention the hundreds of other career options available.
In addition to helping you find leads for your entry level advertising job, offers a full library of articles and blog posts dealing with subjects that are of importance to the college graduate. By using the information found in these sources, you can insure your future success in an advertising career.

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The changing face of business: Internet marketing

The Internet has become a powerful tool for both the individual and big businesses to compete side by side upon a more level playing field. For those with the proper skill sets that combine one or more areas of expertise, entry level jobs are both abundant and profitable. One such entry level job that is in huge demand at this time is that of the Internet marketer. That being said, how does one go about finding an entry level marketing career?
Entry level marketing careers are available from many major areas of the Internet as the brick and mortar companies are quickly learning the value of a powerful Internet presence. Recognizing the need for their businesses to evolve if they want to remain into the future, businesses are developing their Internet presence. By checking entry level job finding resources, such as the Entry Level and Internship Job Search Page at, you can find hundreds of entry level career opportunities in the Internet marketing field. With sites such as the one mentioned above and their customizable methods of searching the records, you can customize the experience to your own personal needs and preferences. Within a few clicks of the mouse, you could find just the entry level marketing career you have been looking for.
When you have found the entry level marketing career you are interested in, simply use the provided contact information to forward your resume to the prospective employer. Many times these entry level marketing jobs require very little in the way of experience and they are quick to reward those who prove to be effectual. If you have skills in the field of Internet marketing, an entry level marketing job may be the perfect choice for you.

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Applying for Entry Level Jobs in Marketing

I’ve found that the job market is full of a wide variety of entry level marketing jobs. I personally did not major in marketing and didn’t realize that I wanted to go into marketing until after more than a year out of college and after having worked in business during that time.
I ran into the problem of trying to find a marketing job with no previous experience when all the job ads for entry level marketing jobs wanted someone with at least a year in marketing. So, how do you go about getting experience in marketing when you’re looking for an entry level position?
I ended up gaining experience through part-time marketing internships and paid marketing assistant jobs—which is just another name for “administrative assistant in the marketing department.” It isn’t the perfect long-term way to live, but in the meantime, it seems to be working in my favor. I’ve gained a lot of great experience along the way and it’s good to know I can send my resume out with that solid marketing experience.
Another suggestion that I have for anyone else who hasn’t majored in marketing and is an entry level job applicant searching for a way to qualify for and land a marketing job—take a night class or two while you’ve got the free time to do so. It’s always great to be able to update your resume with that “Relevant Coursework” section. And if you’re serious there, you might even consider getting a certificate in marketing to show your commitment and prove to future employers that you know what you’re doing.