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Posted August 30, 2006 by

Lights, Camera…Entry-Level Entertainment Jobs in New York

There is this nice flashy entertainment job website ( that looks like THE place to start. It even has mini US maps that shows where the jobs for the week are located (of course mostly West-Coast concentrated, although there are many jobs listed on the East Coat). The annoying news is that to reap the benefits of this site you have to pay a fee of about $30 a month (although there is a trial option $10 for the week). It sucks to search for a job and have to pay for it, but I decided to mention it and let you decide.
Next there is, which I think is the next best thing to a free and useful job-searching site. If you want to concentrate on entertainment jobs in the New York area, simply look at those jobs as all are separated by region. Today when I visited the site there were about 275 entry-level entertainment jobs listed, those seem to be decent odds.
The next site has a nice catchy title,, and also separates entry-level entertainment jobs by regions (New York, DC and Boston to be exact). This site lists internships, fulltime and entry-level jobs in these regions and has all jobs separated by category. Look for the entertainment category and see what turns up. I also suggest looking at the writing/editing/publishing, as well as the TV/radio links as these can all connect to the entertainment industry.
Two other honorable mentions are and These sites you have to do a bit more filtering to find first the jobs you want and then the region you want.
The Flashy Site:
Entertainment Careers:
Catchy Title Site:
Honorable Mentions: