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Posted March 18, 2010 by

Working the Market: Smart Ways to Secure Entry Level Job Interviews

interview pic.gifApplications, constant follow ups, face time, and the search for entry level positions for recent college graduates creates job interviews. One thing many people cannot understand is there are many steps to acquiring a job interview during a recession and facing the music early can save you time in the future. The heartache associated with a recession includes employer skepticism, their lack of trust in good candidates, and the real definition of cut-throat competition.
Recent college grads are not aware that everyone is looking for a job. From high school students to older adults 50+ are searching for some kind of income opportunity. With this in mind, you have to strap yourself with street smarts and intelligent planning to secure entry level job interviews to show how valuable you are for an organization.
Pay Attention to Details
Working the job market can get a little hectic so it is vital to pay attention to details. For instance, do you have an idea of what level of income you need to survive? Can you work two jobs or one? These are questions that can create a different perspective in finding jobs in your town or nationwide. You may need a little imagination as well as some internet savvy to get in touch with prospective employers. Recent college students and graduates can speak with career counselors available at their college or university for leads on entry level positions. Listen to what your counselor has to say because it can be the difference between success and failure in your job search.
Improve Credit Score
Your credit score is a big difference between securing job interview and losing an opportunity. A few ways to help improve your credit score is through credit counseling, direct payment plans, and/or paying the outdated debts in full before your job search. Employers need have confidence in your abilities to pay on time, financial stability, and the respect to terms and conditions of a contract. Entry level positions for recent college students and graduates are lurking everywhere but you have to improve your credit score to surpass the competition.
Ask Friends for Referrals
Your friends can open doors you never thought would open. Entry level jobs for recent college students and grads are passed up if current employees know talented candidates. If your friends know hiring managers, it would help to ask for a direct reference. It is also important to make sure your friends are outstanding employees in their organizations or it may look bad for the referral from an unproductive buddy.
Stay Active In the Industry
Recent college students and graduates can enter their fields by joining a professional association, build alliances in corporate America, and make a statement in their industries. Finding your place in the workforce means managing your professional image, building experience, and creating a buzz to secure job interviews. Many people overlook the possibilities for recent college grads because of their lack of industry knowledge or professional experience; develop a strong position in your industry.
Securing an entry level job interview is the ultimate step towards getting a position in a great organization. What kind of job do you want? How can your reputation place you on the right track to success? Are you ready to present your abilities to prospective employers Never settle for less than your best to prospective employers, references, and opportunities to secure job interviews.