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Posted August 11, 2006 by

At the Entry-Level, Here Are the Government Jobs For Hire

It seems that finding those entry-level government jobs is not the hardest thing to search for in the working world. There is an official website for government jobs called USAJobs ( and provides one of those handy job search tools (yay search tools) that allows you to specify what type of government job you want, in what state/province and requires you to specify even further the job description (manager for example). It couldn’t be easier to find entry-level government jobs, it seems, and to make the process even easier you can search by agency, and occupational series (how federal jobs are grouped). There is also the senior executive search, which is, apparently, one of the top job levels in the federal government.
There are even sites available out there that allow for an even more specified search for government jobs such as Cyber-Sierra’s ( natural resources job search for government jobs in conservation. This site is nice because it provides a plethora of different links for all types of government jobs and assistance in searching and obtaining government jobs. It‚Äôs a nice little database for government jobs and even has resume help as a featured tool.
There are many ways to specify the search at these sites so just tinker with those handy search tools.