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Posted May 15, 2014 by

Don’t Like Your Entry Level Job and Want to Run Your Own Business? What You Can Learn from Your Current Job for the Future

Even though your entry level job may not be the career you’re really interested in, it can teach you some skills if you want to run your own business in the future.  In the following post, find out what skills in your job can benefit you down the road as an entrepreneur.

For many side hustlers and wannabe entrepreneurs, “the day job” can seem like the enemy. Sure, it’s a paycheck, and that can be a helpful safety net while you’re trying to grow your own business. But it’s often little more than that. You slog through it, biding your time until

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Posted September 25, 2013 by

Does Your Entry Level Job Achieve Your Flow State?

College graduates, whichever entry level job you choose should be one that fulfills your interests.  Otherwise, you’re not likely to achieve your flow state.  Learn more about this concept in the following post.

It’s hardly groundbreaking news that Americans hate going to work. Especially when you see stories like the guy who outsourced his own job to China to watch cat videos in his cube all day. But the idea that 70 percent of US employees feel disengaged and bored at work is astonishing

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