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Posted January 27, 2015 by

7 Steps to Choosing the Right Master’s Program for You

3d image of mortar board with degree against white background

3d image of mortar board with degree against white background. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Going to graduate school to work on a master’s degree is an exciting way to expand career options for the future. The first challenge is to find the best master’s program for you. Here are a few considerations that may help.


It is usually a good idea to compare graduate programs to find the one that best suits your learning style. Some require a thesis or thesis essays to be written. Others include an internship or practicum. The courses required and delivery style will also be worth noting. (more…)

Posted May 03, 2012 by

Unemployment Rates Fall in 342 of 372 Metros; San Francisco Best of the Best

Bureau of Labor StatisticsUnemployment rates were lower in March than a year earlier in 342 of the 372 metropolitan areas, higher in 16 areas, and unchanged in 14 areas, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Thirteen areas recorded jobless rates of at least 15.0 percent, while 17 areas registered rates of less than 5.0 percent. Two hundred sixty-seven metropolitan areas reported over-the-year increases in nonfarm payroll employment, 96 reported decreases, and 9 had no change. The national unemployment rate in March was 8.4 percent, not seasonally adjusted, down from 9.2 percent a year earlier.

Metropolitan Area Unemployment (Not Seasonally Adjusted)

In March, 54 metropolitan areas reported jobless rates of at least 10.0 percent, down from 116 areas a year earlier, while 109 areas posted rates below 7.0 percent, up from 62 areas in March of last year. El Centro, Calif., and Yuma, Ariz., recorded the highest unemployment rates in March, 26.2 and 23.8 percent, respectively. Ten of the other 11 areas with jobless rates of at least 15.0 percent were located in California. Bismarck, N.D., registered the lowest unemployment rate, 3.5 percent, followed by Lincoln, Neb., and Midland, Texas, 3.7 percent each. A total of 220 areas recorded March unemployment rates below the U.S. figure of 8.4 percent, 141 areas reported rates above it, and 11 areas had rates equal to that of the nation.

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Private Sector Employment Increased 119,000 in April

ADP National Employment ReportEmployment in the U.S. nonfarm private business sector increased by 119,000 from March to April on a seasonally adjusted basis. The estimated gain from February to March was revised down modestly, from the initial estimate of 209,000 to a revised estimate of 201,000.

Employment in the private, service-providing sector increased 123,000 in April, after rising 158,000 in March. Employment in the private, goods-producing sector declined 4,000 jobs in April. Manufacturing employment dropped 5,000 jobs, the first loss since September of last year.

Employment on large payrolls — those with 500 or more workers — increased 4,000 and employment on medium payrolls — those with 50 to 499 workers — rose 57,000 in April.

Employment on small payrolls — those with up to 49 workers — rose 58,000 that same period. Of the 57,000 jobs created by medium- sized businesses, 8,000 jobs were created by the goods producing sector and 49,000 jobs were created by the service-providing sector.

Construction employment also fell by 5,000, the first decline in seven months and following healthy gains during the unusually warm winter months. Employment in the financial services sector increased 13,000 in April, marking nine consecutive monthly gains there.