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Posted August 06, 2013 by

Are you being watched at work?

Security camera with a white background

Security camera with a white background. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Shouldn’t you be working right now? If you’re wasting time on the job, you’re in good company. More than two-thirds of employees (69 percent) admit to wasting time at work every single day. That’s according to a “2013 Wasting Time at Work Survey” of more than 1,000 people. And if you think that’s bad, consider this: The National Restaurant Association says up to 7 percent of fast food restaurant sales are lost to employee theft, as reported by The Atlantic last year.

Numbers like these are likely why an increasing number of employers are monitoring their employees at work. (more…)

Posted November 29, 2011 by

Half of U.S. Employers Monitor Internet and Email Use of Employees

Cyber Monday broke online sales records last year, and according to CareerBuilder’s latest survey, the trend may be poised to continue. Fifty percent of American workers plan to spend time holiday shopping online at work this season – on par with 52 percent last year. Of these workers, 34 percent will spend one hour or more shopping (up from 27 percent in 2010) and 16 percent will spend two or more hours (up from 13 percent in 2010).

The survey – conducted August 16 through September 8, 2011, among 4,384 workers and 2,696 employers – points to a larger trend of increased, non-work related Internet activity met with steadily tightening online policies on the employer side. Half of U.S. companies monitor Internet and email use of employees, which is up from 47 percent last year. (more…)