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Retention strategies: Benefits that help retain millennial talent


Whether you add flashy perks to your benefits package, don’t forget that what millennials care about first (and really anyone, for that matter), is earning a competitive and fair wage, and job security. If your retention strategies don’t acknowledge that, this article may not be for you. As College Recruiter founder and president Steven Rothberg states, “compensation and job security are more important right now because both have been declining and young adults face far higher costs of living due, in large part, to exponentially higher student loan debt.” If you do offer a competitive salary and job security, then we here offer three employee benefits that can help retain your millennial talent. (more…)

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Recruiting for Entry Level Jobs? Use Recognition to Attract the Best Candidates

Employers, have you considered recognizing your employees not just as way to keep top talent, but also attract candidates for entry level jobs?  The following post discusses the benefits of recognition for both employers and employees, which could appeal to job candidates.

Recognizing your employees for their efforts can motivate, engage and inspire them. Giving kudos is a powerful tool. And not giving recognition or doing it ineffectively can have an adverse effect. Your employees probably aren’t looking for anything outlandish; they just want to be acknowledged for their hard work. And that

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Most Employers Offering Voluntary Benefits and Employee Perks

Amy Kaminski of Compdata Surveys

Amy Kaminski of Compdata Surveys

With slow economic growth and minimal pay increase budgets to work with, it’s no wonder companies continue to count every dollar when it comes to benefits planning. Human resources professionals, who are also dealing with the demands of employees to offer more comprehensive coverage, have found that offering voluntary benefits may be the key to boosting the value of their company’s benefits plan.

Voluntary benefits are benefits offered by employers, in which the entire premium cost to receive the benefit is paid for by the employees choosing to enroll in them. The Compdata SurveysBenefits USA 2012/2013 survey results found 49.6 percent of organizations offer accident insurance to employees as a voluntary benefit. More than a third of employers offer cancer care as a voluntary benefit, while 28.4 percent offer legal assistance. Universal life insurance is offered at 25.2 percent of companies surveyed. Parking perks and pet insurance are offered at a rate of 11.3 percent and 9.4 percent, respectively. (more…)