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Posted September 08, 2014 by

Want to Go Green with an Entry Level Job? Tips for Your Job Search

If you want an entry level job with an environmentally conscious company, the following post offers a couple of tips you should consider.

The term “environmentally friendly” is like catnip to consumers nowadays. Claim your business is an eco-paradise and you’ll gain entrepreneurial Brownie points from customers and the government alike. Indeed, it’s a strategy that’s helping out many big businesses. The Bank of America, for example, decreased paper usage by 32 per cent between 2000 and 2005, yet saw

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Posted September 11, 2013 by

Skilled Trades: 4 Career Opportunities

Skilled trade jobs are always in demand, making it a great personal attribute to have knowledge in a skilled trade.  The great thing about having a skilled trade is that you will always have work to do and have an income, as these jobs will most likely never go away.  Having a skilled trade insures a solid career and income for you now and in your future. (more…)

Posted September 14, 2012 by

Best Jobs for Military Veterans Transitioning into Civilian Life

Military veterans may be wondering what are some of the best jobs to pursue after completing their service time.  Maybe some of the jobs in this post might appeal to them.

Veterans bring valuable skills and work habits to the civilian job market. According to Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., the training and experience individuals gain while serving in the military can qualify them to enter many good-paying, high-growth civilian jobs. (more…)

Posted March 13, 2012 by

Interview with an Electrician

I am an electrical supervisor for a leading construction company. I have 3 years of experience in this position.

My job duties revolve around making sure that my employees are following the correct state and city codes at all times. Installing electrical wiring into new structures and commercial buildings is hard work, and it is essential to have a leader helping the team stay focused. The only real misconception around what a supervisor does for a living is that he does nothing of real value. I am constantly on the go. I have to be ready for anything to happen on the job. (more…)