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Posted September 17, 2013 by

6 Things to Consider When Making a Decision to Apply Early for College

Someone filling out a college application

Someone filling out a college application. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

It is wise for prospective college students to apply early for college.  In the process of doing so, they should consider six things, according to the following post.

Meet Lisa, a rising high school senior. Bright, creative, and poised, Lisa has a good academic record and a full résumé that make her a potentially strong college applicant. Lisa has visited a few colleges and likes them all, but has no strong preference at this point. Still, she knows that these colleges allow students to apply Early Decision (or ED)—in other words, submit an application by November 1 or November 15 in exchange for a binding decision from the college by December 15. Lisa wonders if she should do more research, then send an Early Decision application to the school she thinks might be the best fit. She has heard that applying early might increase her odds of being accepted; plus, it would be a huge relief to have her college plans settled so early in the school year. (more…)